Captain Wrench

by cpuentes23 • Uploaded: Feb. 15 '13
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Description: It's a captain made of some plumbing tools :D

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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RaitG said on Feb. 16 '13

love your style)
good work

eflair said on Feb. 17 '13


byhr said on Feb. 18 '13

great !

herbert light said on Feb. 19 '13

It's very fun and cute but not sure it suits plumbing industry (which is very male orientated). I know it was done for fun so I might be being a bit harsh.

ClimaxDesigns said on Feb. 19 '13

^^ i think it suits it very well, what man doesnt like a good pirate, pirates are of the water, hook hand is a wrench, i'd hire him just to hear the story of his logo.

lumavine said on Feb. 19 '13

What a charming concept! I love all the elements that go into this metaphor, the wrench hook, treasure toolbox, plunger peg leg, etc. Makes me smile!

herbert light said on Feb. 19 '13

If I saw this logo on the side of a van I would think the plumber has a good sense of humour but does it say competent, reliable and trustworthy. Important things that people would look for in a plumber. It's different so it might stand out more and it is really nicely done. I guess I just think it looks a little young and naive for that industry. But maybe not, just conversing!

vsmj said on Feb. 19 '13

Very playful! Nice job.

shadowindesign said on Feb. 19 '13

Soooo cute ^_^

killanov said on Feb. 21 '13

love it!

downwithdesign said on Feb. 21 '13

The illustration is great but I agree with Herbert that Pirates and Cowboys are probably not a good idea for trades :)

chanpion said on Feb. 21 '13

Pillage and plunger! Great illustration style as always but agree that its not a suitable character for any kind of tradie. Gives the impression that their services is nothing but a steal.

lumavine said on Feb. 25 '13

But he is a sea captain not a pirate. If the quality of the service is high, this mark can easily be associated with a high quality and friendly business.

cpuentes23 said on Mar. 07 '13

haha Thanks for all the comments everyone and for checking out this illustration, I really appreciate all the kind words! @lumavine, you are totally right, he's a captain.

metallbp said on May. 14 '13

nice one!
good job!

cpuentes23 said on May. 27 '13

Thanks !

olkiller said on Dec. 15 '13


cpuentes23 said on Dec. 16 '13

Thank you Olga

artmns2 said on Dec. 09 '15


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