by ColinTierney • Uploaded: Jan. 08 '13
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Description: started off as a birthday card for my wife. her maiden name is franck, i call her frankie.

As seen on: Colin Tierney Design

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: logotypescriptlettering

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lumavine said on Jan. 08 '13

So beautiful!

logomotive said on Jan. 08 '13

Nice Colin!

effendy said on Jan. 08 '13

What a decent gift for wife. Kudos Colin my friend ;)

KhoroshavinVladimir said on Jan. 08 '13


ColinTierney said on Jan. 08 '13

luma, mike, ali, vladimir and tomas, thank you gentlemen. mike, really appreciate the help on this one. for anyone wondering, mike suggested aligning the stems more vertically as seen on the variation. i think it's a little more balanced now.

Dan. said on Jan. 08 '13


ColinTierney said on Jan. 08 '13

thanks dan. both variations are now updated to mike's suggestion and now there is only a color difference.

vergad said on Jan. 08 '13

I love your type work Colin. This looks beautiful and I'm especially loving the adventurous "F,r to k" ligature. top stuff brother!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 08 '13

too kind, matt. always appreciate your feedback.

cerise said on Jan. 08 '13

This really stands out

herbert light said on Jan. 09 '13

Lovely work Colin

dotflo said on Jan. 09 '13

a beauty mate!

orca design said on Jan. 09 '13

Very elegant

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 09 '13

Fantastic, Colin! Really like those cuts you made in the vectorized version.

ladygrey said on Jan. 09 '13

Fantastic pleasance, Colin!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 09 '13

craig, jacob, florin, orca, heisler, miss grey...thank you all for taking the time to comment on this one. thanks for the gallery addition as well. it's always nice to see my logo on the front page.

Mikeymike said on Jan. 09 '13

nice flow and balance, Colin.
nicely done, sir.

ColinTierney said on Jan. 09 '13

thank you mikey!

hertzpectiv said on Jan. 09 '13

This is lovely, mate!

nydesign said on Jan. 11 '13

Nice work there. that curve is awesome and specially the ligature.

ocularink said on Jan. 11 '13

Such nice flow, Colin!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 14 '13

hertz, abi and kev, thanks for your words and checking it out.

ColinTierney said on Jan. 14 '13

also, i added another close up variation to show the cuts throughout. the tittle of the 'i' was hard to see without making the type larger.

alexwende said on Jan. 14 '13

Beautiful lettering Colin! The ligature and overal strokes are great!

fosterbarker said on Jan. 14 '13

Simply beautiful!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 14 '13

alex, foster, thanks guys.

DesignBuddy said on Jan. 19 '13

Nice lines, well balanced, looks greats. Nice job!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 24 '13

hey thanks, derek.

MichaelDavies said on Jan. 28 '13

Looks Brilliant, lovely colour scheme too

SlakolovDesign said on Feb. 08 '13

Very well done.

ColinTierney said on Mar. 07 '13

appreciated. thank you.

alto said on Feb. 02 '14


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