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Description: Unused Concept : For a web developer and designer.

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Logomotive said on Oct. 14 '07

Really nice Kevin, did kind of remind me of the goodwill logo a little. perhaos its just the color and half face. Clever use of the bracket bud.

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '07

Just so you know, yours is much different though. While I like the type, perhaps you could help accent the K/bracket by using a typeface with a similar K? just a suggestion. This is a great logo.

firebrand said on Oct. 14 '07

k.o. Kev!

admarcbart said on Oct. 14 '07

Oc this is nice man! I like Mike's idea about the type. Could work out good for you man.

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '07

Oh sweet!! Thanks Mike, Roy, and Bart. I've been staring at this one for so long, I was beginning to doubt myself about the use of the bracket.

@ logomotive : Mike, I can totally see why you would think of the Goodwill logo. Definitely similar ideas. I've always loved that one. How clever?! I'll play around with the type a little more. That's a nice idea. The current type was created from scratch, so I really wanted to post it up and get reactions. :-)

firebrand said on Oct. 14 '07

@Oc: Really, from scratch? Watch out Mike, you've got competition.

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '07

Mike is my inspiration. :-P

firebrand said on Oct. 14 '07

What do you mean? Anyone can knock out a font. ...kiddin of course. ;-)

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '07

True, true...but not this one.

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '07

Well golly Kevin did not know that (customized type), thats great,looks very professional. This is one of my favorites of your many excellent logos.

firebrand said on Oct. 14 '07

Do you guys use software for this. I remember something called Fontographer?

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '07

Only if your going to make it into an actual font (for me anyhow). And thats a WHOLE other story (profession).I Use Fontographer nut now it's FontLAb for OT.

firebrand said on Oct. 14 '07

Thanks Mike. What's OT? Outline type?

Logomotive said on Oct. 14 '07

"Open Type". Don't want to steal Kevins time.. .

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 14 '07

Outstanding job Kevin.That type is nice,but im totally in love with that S.

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '07

You guys are making me blush.

@ Roy : Yea, I wouldn't even know how to go about creating a whole font. This is just all vectoring and patience. :-)

Matheus said on Oct. 14 '07

really nice
the { makes it special

jayred said on Oct. 14 '07

It's a really nice logo, but I was instantly drawn to it in the gallery by the type. That is some amazing work for being custom. I wish you would release it as a whole font!

OcularInk said on Oct. 15 '07

@ Matheus : Thanks. :)

@ NOMADESIGN : Woah, I didn't even know I had style. Thanks!!

@ jayred : Thanks, jayred. It's a goal of mine to release my own font someday. I just need to learn a whole lot before I do.

Art Machine said on Oct. 15 '07

Definitely a great logo, including its wonderful typeface.

TernaciousT said on Oct. 15 '07

]{ U [) O S .......well done

rambal said on Oct. 16 '07

Nice one..

rambal said on Oct. 16 '07

Nice one..
always I like your works.

frontend said on Oct. 16 '07

i'm sick of blue, but you made this one look great. very "velvety"

OcularInk said on Oct. 16 '07

@ Art Machine : Thanks, man.

@ TernaciousT : LOL!! Thanks.

@ rambal : I appreciate it.

@ frontend : Client always wins. :-P Thanks, though.

tiko1232 said on Oct. 17 '07

Just gr8 man :) I'm a fan ;)

Thomas said on Oct. 23 '07

Awesome logo Kevin... Just awesome...

OcularInk said on Oct. 24 '07

Thanks, guys. :D

andersonmarques said on Nov. 02 '07

lol!!! Very nice...
Great job OcularInk... i love it!

OcularInk said on Nov. 03 '07

Thanks so much!! :-)

Oronoz ® said on Mar. 27 '08

Love it!!! Great Job dude!! n_n

joker66 said on Mar. 28 '08

very good :O

OcularInk said on Mar. 31 '08

Thanks guys.

mahtee said on Apr. 01 '08

Looks good. reminded me of the MAC OS face when i first glanced at it.

nido said on Apr. 02 '08

awesome type mate... mark reminds me of tom hanks...

OcularInk said on Apr. 04 '08

@ mahtee : Thanks. I can see how you might think of the MAC os face.

@ nido : Thanks, mate. Tom Hanks is my brother. :-P

fauxpeanut said on Jan. 13 '09

Nice! reminds of the OS X finder icon, lol

OcularInk said on Jan. 15 '09

Thanks nima and Cooper.

Noetic Brands said on Aug. 18 '10

Nice Kev!

OcularInk said on Aug. 19 '10

Riz, thanks bud!

OcularInk said on Sep. 20 '10

Thanks, Guy.

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