Arrow Inc

by cream5 • Uploaded: Jul. 19 '12
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Description: Arrow Inc is a communications startup and the client requested for a negative design concept because there were too many plain logomark arrow logos as it is.So he requested for a more intelligent design.There is an A in negative space and an arrow pointing towards the company name.

edit: Unused.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Jedah Doma said on Jul. 19 '12

Very nice combination of type and symbol. Love it.

nydesign said on Jul. 19 '12

thank you! tried all sorts of combinations and then ended with this:D

cnasshan said on Jul. 20 '12


nydesign said on Jul. 21 '12

thank you... brainstormed a bit to get there.

zt said on Jul. 21 '12

very good concept

nydesign said on Jul. 21 '12

thank you. appreciate the comments :D

williamfocus said on Jul. 21 '12

Awesome use of negative space :)

nydesign said on Jul. 22 '12

thank you williamfocus:D

mr.purple said on Jul. 24 '12

Like it - pretty unique vision.

nydesign said on Jul. 25 '12

thanks purple

scismatica said on Aug. 14 '12

as someone already said, clever!!

Atomicvibe said on Aug. 15 '12

Well Abi, I'd say you nailed this one. This is really clever and simple, and seems to fit the brief completely.

One thing though: If the official name of the biz is "Arrow Inc.," don't you have to include the "Inc." part in the logo?

nydesign said on Aug. 15 '12

thanks jon, scismatica.
Jon: To my knowledge in the logo per se you dont need to add the Inc, or LLC or whatever else suffix they got. As their registered trademarked name it's ARROW, Inc. Some clients keep the inc in the mark and some don't from what i've seen but legally there's no issues here. Another thing is the client didn't want the Inc part in it either.

nydesign said on Aug. 15 '12

Forgot to edit, this turned out to be unused :/

designabot said on Aug. 21 '12

Simple and sensational

nydesign said on Aug. 22 '12

thanks designabot

sandrop31 said on Aug. 24 '12

very clever.

Logoboom said on Aug. 24 '12

What a shame they didn't go for this. A timeless beauty.

itsgareth said on Aug. 25 '12

It's definitely a clever solution. I can't help see a traffic cone

nydesign said on Aug. 27 '12

thanks logoboom. yeah didn't get used.

thanks lefty, itsgareth!

type and signs said on Aug. 27 '12

missed this ... very nice piece !!

THEArtistT said on Aug. 27 '12

did they go with another idea of yours? if so would like to see it. if not, they totally missed out in a big way. or was the startup a no go?

nydesign said on Aug. 27 '12

Thanks Bernd and THEartist.

THEArtist : Nope, I think they're holding off as of now.

tickey said on Nov. 01 '12


nydesign said on Nov. 01 '12

woah just noticed! thanks guys!

virguard said on Nov. 01 '12

In a world filled with negative space Fedex logo's, you have provided me with yet another "aha!" moment when it comes to arrows. Kudos! V

CHINOOK said on Nov. 02 '12

You nailed it, very nice!

johndervishi said on Nov. 02 '12


nydesign said on Nov. 04 '12

thanks virguard, flattering. thanks chinook and john!

midgar said on Nov. 20 '12


sabb said on Nov. 22 '12

really nice

MrAnderrrson said on Nov. 30 '12

Nice, clean design. I didn't notice the "A" in the negative space right off the bat. It's nice that it's subtle, but it's there. What stood out to me was more of the "traffic cone" although it's obviously an arrow. Maybe a traffic company called arrow could use this too :) Overall, I love it!

nydesign said on Dec. 01 '12

thanks sabb, midgar, Anderrrson! Anderrrson: OOh didnt see the cone till you mentioned, interesting! Yeah, this one is just sitting in the back burner for now.

markstuckert said on Dec. 04 '12

Perfect idea. Brilliant. What surprises me most is how unforced the perspective(s) feel %u2014 fantastic!

taylorfx said on Dec. 06 '12

Very smart, very clever. Love it!

Mesro1 said on Dec. 03 '13

AWESOME! Very clever solution!

ChosenIdea426 said on Mar. 10 '16


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