50/50 Coffee

by szende • Uploaded: Jun. 28 '12
Gallerized Jul. '12 0b3958a3522ee0996bf56d3d22f61f94.png

Description: Still playing with this... .... ....


Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: emblemlogocoffee

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Type and Signs said on Jun. 28 '12

still playing with floats ... nice one !!

ladygrey said on Jun. 28 '12

Pleasant mark)

szende said on Jun. 28 '12

thank you Bernd and Alena (: glad you like it...

garychew1984 said on Jul. 01 '12

so niceeeeeeeee!

tickey said on Jul. 01 '12

that's beauty

szende said on Jul. 01 '12

thanks a lot Gary and Tanmay!

t-sovo said on Jul. 03 '12

This is very cool. Got a bit of a retro feel in it :)

eduardofajardo said on Jul. 04 '12

I like the composition of elements and chromatic palette

szende said on Jul. 05 '12

(: thank you, thank you (:

cassano said on Jul. 06 '12

Very nice colors and composition. An animated version would be nice.

szende said on Aug. 15 '12

would be nice guess, thanks for the comment Bruno!

Atomicvibe said on Aug. 15 '12

Looks like I missed a couple of yours, Szende. This looks fantastic!

szende said on Aug. 15 '12

thanks for your attention Jon (:

JohnDervishi said on Jul. 24 '13

Beautiful job

szende said on Jul. 31 '13

many thanks John!

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