by slaterdesign • Uploaded: Feb. 15 '12
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Description: This went live today at: snapguide.com

It was a honor to work on this project! I had a lot of fun!

I have to thank @Edwin Tofslie for all the great feedback! The guy is a legend and it was truly a honor to work with him on this project. I have to say this was one my favorite projects yet!

Please take a moment and check out the site and stay tuned!

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Type and Signs said on Feb. 18 '12

great type work Nick !!! like it !!

balic said on Feb. 18 '12

Very nice, Congrats on this great project!
The site is not active yet,...so I'm curious, this is going to be some social network?

pjmaster said on Feb. 19 '12

Well done bro!

JF said on Feb. 19 '12

I hate to sound negative about something that has an appeal such as this...but the connecting line between the "p" and "g" doesn't look polished. Looks like...sorry to say this, but it looks awkward. The natural "flow" of cursive/handwriting/script just is broken with the manner in which they connect. Nobody's handwriting connects letters as they've been connected here; the rest of the letters connect naturally, and the "p" and "g" here do not. Sorry, it was bothering me, when the rest of the letters look so nice.

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