Alta Moda

by yuro • Uploaded: Feb. 05 '12
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Description: Italian shoes

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Type and Signs said on Feb. 05 '12

great against athlete's foot ... fun concept !!

gaffa said on Feb. 05 '12

It's more of mexican than italian :) but I like your idea :)

palattecorner said on Feb. 05 '12

feel different from other shoe logos

yuro said on Feb. 06 '12

I think the peppers are caused by direct association with Italy, it's just proslezhyvaetsya other brands peperoni and another, and in Mexico there are more specific images: Sambrero, cactus)). Thank you all.

azacarias7 said on Feb. 07 '12

I agree with gaffa, chiles (peppers) are more associated with Mexico or the South West, USA. Either way this is a very nice logo.

alessio cristino said on Feb. 07 '12

Italian from Calabria, where the pepper RULES!!! ... and Gianni Versace was from Calabria...

shadzxiii said on Feb. 07 '12

Reminds me mexico :3 Italia is pasta.

Veryyy nice concept =)

stomping said on Feb. 08 '12

If the shoes were to be sold in Italy, the context of the logo works as long as the people get the cultural connection. No?

alessio cristino said on Feb. 08 '12

I think that the reminding depends by our culture.
Maybe in America or other americanized context it reminds of Mexico, in Italy we can think about Calabria region, Csicsucs could think about hungarian paprika and so on...

alessio cristino said on Feb. 08 '12

...in short we're living the pratical proof of what we perceive depends by our cognition.

itsgareth said on Feb. 08 '12

brings a new meaning to 'hot heels' :)

rudy hurtado said on Feb. 08 '12

Mama Mia!

yuro said on Feb. 08 '12

Thank you all for your opinions!

creatorlord said on Feb. 12 '12

so hot... ;)

wikimouse said on Feb. 13 '12

Lol, interesting concept...

oliverakos said on Feb. 15 '12

very clever!!
nice work

Artgeko said on Feb. 17 '12

A very original concept, bold idea!

nandy said on Feb. 22 '12

Cool idea

adriana.torres said on Feb. 27 '12

this is really nice :)

effendy said on Mar. 05 '12

Superb concept!

joelsailo said on Jun. 11 '12

Awesome logo !! this is one Hot Shoe .

shinobi said on Nov. 10 '12


miwrath said on Jan. 23 '13



matti said on Jan. 31 '13

hot fashion, what a great idea!!

Dalibass said on Oct. 25 '13

Great concept! :)

nagual said on Sep. 02 '14

Congrats on the feature my friend!;)
Good job!

andredesignz said on Sep. 08 '14

very creative.

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