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by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: Feb. 04 '12

Description: Would be pleased to hear your views about my new personal logo :)

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Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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oias said on Feb. 04 '12

Nice one Paulius!
I prefer this to other version
I saw on dribbble, the one with
the blue bckground, this is more
unique imho.

I see a letter K, and Id like
to know if you wanna show the
P as well, maybe with a cut in
the left corner.

action said on Feb. 05 '12

Hey Oscar, thank you for your feedback :)
Actually I did only only the letter K, but it's
possible to see P as well.

Swimmers, thanks for your floats!!

Type and Signs said on Feb. 05 '12

Hi Paulino ... this sign is hard candy man ... love it !!

lecart said on Feb. 05 '12

I love the color you decided to go with.

action said on Feb. 05 '12

@Bernd, sup brother? Glad that you like it :))
@Stelian, thanks! My favourite color is red, but I wanted something more solid and I chose burgundy color which works for me wonderfully :)

rokis said on Feb. 05 '12

pretty neat man! love the color choose aswell..

effendy said on Feb. 05 '12

Good selection Paul!

action said on Feb. 05 '12

Rokas and Ali, thank you very much guys!

action said on Feb. 06 '12

Tomas, glad that you like it :) Thanks, man!

KasperaviciusR said on Feb. 06 '12

Tikrai puikus darbas. Mano nuomone truput%u012F pakoregavus nesunkiai i%u0161gautum tame pa%u010Diame darbe ir vardo pirmaja raide.

action said on Feb. 06 '12

Aciu Ryti! Galima butu ja pritemti, bet kolkas manau puikiai sueis ir viena :)

master_ino said on Feb. 06 '12

Nice, good for you!

balic said on Feb. 06 '12

Nice color and simple lines - good work!

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 06 '12

Thanks guys! Appreciated :)

sbdesign said on Feb. 06 '12

Yeah. It's Good!

garychew1984 said on Feb. 06 '12

nice logo!

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 06 '12

Thank you, mates! I am very happy that you like :)

jands said on Feb. 07 '12

a like it a like it jejeje

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 07 '12

wohooo! Thank you, Julius :) I was thinking that you don't like it before :D

Hayes Image said on Feb. 07 '12

Interesting :)

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 07 '12

Josh, it's very nice to hear something from you :) Thanks, buddy!

dotflo said on Feb. 07 '12

solid mark :)

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 08 '12

Florin, thank you, mate! Really appreciate your opinion :)

ColinTierney said on Feb. 08 '12

paul, well done on this.

Mikeymike said on Feb. 08 '12

prefect fit, Paul. congrats on your personal icon, bud. nice job.

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 08 '12

Thank you, fellas, for your kind words!
It's really nice to hear your opinion :)

julius seniunas said on Feb. 10 '12

i am getting used to it man :D

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 13 '12

Julius, that's great! :)

nickhood said on Feb. 14 '12

Really nice identity. Somehow i missed this. I just discovered it on http://designspiration.net/image/92978/
Great work.

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 15 '12

Nick, thanks for sharing this website :) Glad to see my personal identity as inspiration! And of course I am happy that you like it too !!

pjmaster said on Feb. 19 '12

Bang. Love it. Congrats!

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 19 '12

Jovan, thanks mate!

ru_ferret said on Nov. 01 '12

Congratulations, Paulius!

ancitis said on Nov. 01 '12

Congrats! Every design of your portfolio is worth to see, so well deserved, Paulius.

type and signs said on Nov. 01 '12

congrats buddy ... !!!!

Mikeymike said on Nov. 01 '12

CONGRATS, Paulius. well deserved.
Solid designer, indeed. Welcome to the club!

artdemix said on Nov. 01 '12

Congratulations Paulius!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 01 '12

wow, very much deserving of this.

logomotive said on Nov. 01 '12

Such a great feeling to open up Logopond and see you are featured. Congrats Paulis, keep up the great work.

mariosmichael87 said on Nov. 01 '12

the logo rocks!

rudy hurtado said on Nov. 01 '12

All the best Paulius, I'm happy for you!

chanpion said on Nov. 01 '12

I'd recognise this mark anywhere. Well done mate!

pjmaster said on Nov. 01 '12

Welcome to the club!

Hayes Image said on Nov. 01 '12

Congrats Paulius!!!

vergad said on Nov. 01 '12

Well done Paulius, congrats on feature. You have a stellar showcase.

yhanktou said on Nov. 01 '12

Hey Paulius, CONGRATS mate

contrast8 said on Nov. 02 '12

Sveikinimai Pauliau:)

dotflo said on Nov. 02 '12

hehe, congrats mate, totally deserved buddy, keep up the great work!

Type08 said on Nov. 02 '12

Yo PK my man, congrats on the feature, keep on nailing them buddy! :)

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 02 '12

This feature is like the best birthday present!

Thank you all, guys.
I am glad that I was able to grow with you-logopond :)

BTW, actually I am celebrating my nineteen birthday on November 14.

Rokac said on Nov. 02 '12

Happy birthday buddy(in advance) and congrats on the feature! Top notch work and only 19...wow, keep on rockin!

florisvoorveld said on Nov. 02 '12

Congrats on the feature Paulius!

szende said on Nov. 02 '12

Happy birthday and congrats Paulius!
I really like your sophisticated style!

hyperborea said on Nov. 04 '12

Congrats Paulius!
Good job - keep it up!

palattecorner said on Nov. 04 '12

Congrats on the feature Paulius!

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 05 '12

Heya! Thank you all again for your comments, guys :)
This showcase feature is like a dream so far :D

lecart said on Nov. 05 '12

Congrats, man! I remember meeting you here back in the days. Well deserved, you're a very talented designer.

budlix said on Nov. 05 '12

Yes yes. First look - I was trying to find P also (K found quickly :-)
But you wrote K is the king (and P is in second plan) so my fault and now i love it! :-)

ocularink said on Nov. 05 '12

Congrats on the feature, Paulius!

firebrand said on Nov. 05 '12

Congrats on the feature! Well deserved.

milou said on Nov. 05 '12

Grats PK!

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 06 '12

Thank you guys! Greatly appreciated!

nitish.b said on Nov. 06 '12

Congrats on the feature, Paulius!

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 06 '12

Congrats, Paulius, well deserved!

atomicvibe said on Nov. 07 '12

Haven't been on Logopond consistently for a while now, but I just checked in today and saw that you're the new featured designer. Many congrats, Paulius! Only 19?? Wow man, with the work you're cranking out now, I foresee a brilliant career ahead of you. Keep up the great work, and never stop learning and improving your skills.

logoboom said on Nov. 07 '12

Congrats on the feature. Nice work!

effendy said on Nov. 08 '12

Congratz Paul :)

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 08 '12

Thanks everyone, glad to see your comments :)

Muamer said on Nov. 08 '12

Congrats, Paulius! Keep up the fine work.

Alexwende said on Nov. 09 '12

Well deserved feature, congratulations!!

Oronoz ® said on Nov. 10 '12

Congrats man!! :)

zephyr said on Nov. 13 '12

Congrats Paulius! Great portfolio! Well deserved...

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 14 '12

Thank's for the greetings!

nickhood said on Nov. 14 '12

Grats, Paulius! Excellent works.

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 20 '12

Thanks, man :)

julius seniunas said on Nov. 23 '12

well deserved!

paulius kairevicius said on Nov. 26 '12

Thank's Julius :) Nice to hear from you!

s7even said on Nov. 27 '12

Solid folio Paulius! Congrats on the feature :) really impressive to see such mature work from a 19yo

leeshaari said on Feb. 15 '13

Well done! :-)

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