by cpuentes23 • Uploaded: Nov. 17 '11
Gallerized Nov. '11 c6c13434e41bf314e27f8d5e7022da77.png

Description: Children's Photography

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: photocpuentes23

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morecolor said on Nov. 18 '11


Type and Signs said on Nov. 18 '11

amazing ... agree !

ColinTierney said on Nov. 18 '11

man you've got some serious style.

camisa15 said on Nov. 18 '11

i like it!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 18 '11

forgot to mention...the kerning in both 'lupefoto' and 'photography' is off.

olalb said on Nov. 18 '11


cpuentes23 said on Nov. 18 '11

Thank you all guys!

ru_ferret said on Nov. 19 '11

Lovely, but looks a little stange without eyes.

ocularink said on Nov. 19 '11

Wonderful illustration skills. Love the colors too!

RaitG said on Nov. 19 '11

Good but I'm agree with ru_ferret

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 20 '11

Updated, thank you guys for all your comments :) I really appreciate it

logtek said on Nov. 20 '11

great work!

atomicvibe said on Nov. 20 '11

Love the style here, Carlos! Really great work :)

ColorfulTones said on Nov. 20 '11

Inspiring and awesome. Love the color palette

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 20 '11

Thank you guys!:)

dotflo said on Nov. 21 '11

lovely :D

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 21 '11

Thank you Florin :)

Artgeko said on Nov. 21 '11

Excellent graphic work!

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 21 '11

Thanks a lot Gennady

tinocordes said on Nov. 21 '11

Very nice and the style is so attractive. Could it be even better if the girl makes more contact?

hanuman shakti said on Nov. 22 '11

great color tone, love it :)

hanuman shakti said on Nov. 22 '11

great color tone, love it :) Faved!

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 23 '11

Really nice work. Carlos!

cpuentes23 said on Nov. 25 '11

@tinocordes thanks for the comment, but...What do u mean by "more contact"

hanuman & sean, Thanks you guys

OLIVERAKOS said on Dec. 16 '11

just beautiful ....

cpuentes23 said on Dec. 27 '11

Thanks George!

fronckowsky said on Feb. 14 '12

Superb colors palette:)

cpuentes23 said on Feb. 15 '12

Thanks Grzegorz!

shigaugi said on Aug. 10 '12

Going through your logos I wish there was an "auto-float" mode, kinda tiring floating all of them ;)
Thanks for the inspiration cpuentes23

cpuentes23 said on Aug. 13 '12

:) oh man, thanks for take your time commenting in this logo.


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