French Wine

by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: Nov. 06 '11
Gallerized Nov. '11 6b9a97e2ba7771b609b61b64c36aeb5d.png

Description: FrenchWine Logo
Mark consists of Trumph arc with bottle of wine in the negative space river.

As seen on: World Wine Collection

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: eleganttowerarctrumphfrance

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Type and Signs said on Nov. 06 '11

looks great Paul !

morecolor said on Nov. 06 '11

getting better, the best version

lecart said on Nov. 06 '11

Smart find, man!

action said on Nov. 06 '11

@Bernd,@Stelian, thank you my friends! :)
@Kamil, thanks glad to hear that everytime it looks better and better, but now I think it's final version :)

Also big thanks to all swimmers!

jands said on Nov. 06 '11

Top noch !

action said on Nov. 06 '11

Haha! Nice to hear these words from you, buddy!

camisa15 said on Nov. 06 '11

amazing work here! float!

deiv said on Nov. 06 '11

smoke a joint! congratulations. glad to see how dreams are cuming true! :)

action said on Nov. 06 '11

@Rick and Deividas, thank you !
By the way, deiv, will smoke joint with you and soon :D

AlexWende said on Nov. 06 '11

fantastic work, nothing to criticize imo

dean_brown said on Nov. 06 '11

nice mate, really like this one!

cerise said on Nov. 06 '11

Great !!

chanpion said on Nov. 06 '11

And a much better type choice. Great job Paul.

sdijock said on Nov. 06 '11

Really clever. Nice work.

dotflo said on Nov. 06 '11

colors, mark, type, all great

action said on Nov. 07 '11

Thank you for possitive comments guys! It makes me motivated to do something more :) I am in the very good mood right now, thanks! :)

sbdesign said on Nov. 07 '11

You with Bernd can wine collection to be:)

action said on Nov. 07 '11

Don't forget contrast8, lol

Type and Signs said on Nov. 07 '11

man ... would be nice to see something from Brazil ...

sbdesign said on Nov. 07 '11

no, no, no....we can....we - must...:)

action said on Nov. 07 '11

Muhammad Ali Effendy is going to make Pakistani wine :D

action said on Nov. 07 '11

Texas wine: http://drbl.in/clEb
English wine: http://drbl.in/clDm

Funny game!

Artgeko said on Nov. 07 '11

Excellent, readable idea of the logo!

garychew1984 said on Nov. 07 '11


oias said on Nov. 07 '11

This is Awesome Paul,
execution, typeface, colors,
concept, COngrats for the

Obviously added to favs and

action said on Nov. 08 '11

Thank you all guys! You should see what's happend after this one:

pjmaster said on Nov. 08 '11

Oh boy.. great wine collection. Well played Paulius.

hertzpectiv said on Nov. 08 '11

^agreed. this is cool!

jkosinski said on Nov. 09 '11

like it!

Pierro said on Nov. 09 '11

Excellent work, I really like it. Nice work action!

olalb said on Nov. 12 '11

historic logo... ;D

circa85 said on Nov. 13 '11

Very very clever! Top of the class!

balic said on Nov. 16 '11

Great idea and overall design!

I see a lot of wine logos lately, I guess wine inspires :)

Dan. said on Nov. 17 '11

Brilliant idea! Trendsetter.

velosign said on Jan. 16 '12

Super ideia

logotime said on Feb. 23 '12

Absolutely awesome for me! I saw all your logos here and I'm just saying that this is very very very very amazing work!

nandy said on Feb. 29 '12

Great work!!!!!!

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 29 '12

Fellas! Thank you so much for your comments, it's always really nice to receive them :) Appreciate it!

lukelovesyou said on Mar. 09 '12

Really outstanding. You're probably one of the most talented designer on the pond. Love your works!

Paulius Kairevicius said on Mar. 09 '12

Oh wow, Luca! I really appreciate your words !!

jueves said on Nov. 30 '12

Clever! Also really like the colors.

JohnDervishi said on Apr. 29 '13

Brillant work!

nikola said on Oct. 18 '15

Hi Paulius, can you please tell me if this logo is in use?? I saw something similar in Bratislava a few months ago.
I found their facebook page

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