Criadouro Bitencourt

by Bitencourt • Uploaded: Jul. 11 '11
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Description: A work in progress for a hatchery of finches (this bird specie is called 'Curió' here, anyway the translator say 'Finches') in my hometown, Paraguaçu Paulista. (the owner is my cousin, so the name probably will be Bitencourt's Hatchery, 'Criadouro Bitencourt' in portuguese). So I hope you like it, and I hope it isn't illegal too :D (I'm just kidding, all stuff is legal)

In fact, i'm not a big fan of this kind of stuff. :/

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: curiófinchpolygoncubistfeather

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sbdesign said on Jul. 11 '11


emwu said on Jul. 11 '11

great bird

cpuentes23 said on Jul. 11 '11

Like it :)

bitencourt said on Jul. 11 '11

Thank you mates :)

ru_ferret said on Jul. 11 '11

I'm not a fan of the trend, but your logo is a real beauty! Very nice coloring.

bitencourt said on Jul. 11 '11

Thank you Nikita! coming from you that means really a lot! :)

THEArtistT said on Jul. 11 '11

The font color is way too light, but this is striking from afar and close up.

tass said on Jul. 13 '11

I guess you should increase a bit the contrast with the background, but besides this the bird is awesome! And i'm a fan of this trend! :D

bitencourt said on Jul. 13 '11

Thank you Tass and THEArtist! I'm glad you like it!
I'm thinking about yo use this on a whit bg, so the type will be green, and with more contrast.

pragmahead said on Jul. 22 '11

Wow, great work

atomicvibe said on Jul. 22 '11

Hey Breno, this mark is quite lovely, as is the rest of your work, and it's evident that you've put a lot of time and effort into this. However, I'm not sure that this faceted execution trend is the right approach for this brand. To me, when I see this type of execution, I think 3D-rendering; ray-tracing; technology; hi-tech; computers; digital; electronic. When I look at this logo, I feel like it should be for some sort of 3D production studio. Like Industrial Light & Magic. But, in fact, what you're actually designing for here is a real-world finch hatchery, which is as far from the digital world as you can get. To me, a more organic approach would be best suited for this brand. Something that captures the essence of a *real* bird, not a synthetic bird.

bitencourt said on Jul. 27 '11

Thank you for your imput, Atomicvibe! :)

deiv said on Aug. 21 '11

"this is one hell of a show!" - YES! Really great ilo. I want this on my wall!

logo design. said on Aug. 29 '11

Great art. It reminds me a bit of origami :)

wizemark said on Oct. 25 '11

Awesome work, Breno.

camisa15 said on Oct. 25 '11

Float ;)

bitencourt said on Oct. 26 '11

Thank you, guys! :)

flit said on Jan. 07 '12

Really like it!

matti said on Jan. 25 '12

great stuff!

Kliment said on Feb. 05 '12

oh yess!!! bravo!

RaitG said on Jun. 25 '12

Looks very good

yhanktou said on Jun. 26 '12


vasvari said on Jun. 26 '12

Beautiful illustration! Full of harmony!

ladygrey said on Jun. 26 '12

Yes, very cool!

ubishere said on Jun. 27 '12

Added to faves, love the design and colours!

rincon said on Jun. 29 '12

Very cool Style,, Love it

milena said on Jul. 03 '12


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