Golf Tours

by Brandsanity • Uploaded: May. 04 '11

Description: Just an idea I had! Combination of a swinging golf club/ball being hit and an airplane taking flight.

As seen on: Brandsanity

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: travelballplaneairplanetours

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action said on May. 04 '11

Relly good idea! but where the airplane's wings?

lecart said on May. 04 '11

If he added the wings, he'd lose the club.

lecart said on May. 04 '11

(this is nice, btw)

action said on May. 04 '11

in my opinion it's possible without lose of club, but it depends on Brandsanity :)

brandsanity said on May. 04 '11

Thanks guys. Tried with wings but just can't seem to make it work... Any suggestions, Paul?

Mason Roberts said on May. 05 '11

Why all the hidden meanings? Wouldn't it be better simply create a memorable logo... sure multiple meanings may help this cause, but its not the ONLY thing you should be focusing on!

In saying that, I think you show good creativity and these kind of logo's are good to expand the mind, so good work in that respect!

Keep on chuggin mate!

richardbaird said on May. 05 '11

Did you get my dribbble invite?

winger said on May. 05 '11

Nice one there, maybe curve the tail of the plane to look more 'club-like' maybe..

brandsanity said on May. 05 '11

I completely agree Mason. I guess logos with hidden meanings are just something that I really admire - I'd even say what begun my love [addiction?!] for logo design. When I first saw negative space logos I was literally like, "WOW". I'd never seen anything like it before. Hah, maybe it's just something I need to get out of my system? But yeah, you're definitely right. Too often I find myself trying to fit hidden meanings into logos instead of just focussing on creating a strong mark. Thanks for the input!

Thanks alot for the dribbble invite Richard! Very much appreciated - haha been really wanting one but didn't want to ask.

Yeah it needs some messing with winger, tough to find a good balance between club and plane whilst both being visible.

logomotive said on May. 05 '11

@ Mason Roberts, Different People see different things and remember for different Reasons.

nathantrafford said on May. 05 '11

Hidden meanings create memorable logos. With anything in design, concept is king. Not saying a well designed logo without much meaning is a bad thing, but a well designed logo that makes you think is that much better.

nathantrafford said on May. 05 '11

That being said, I love where this logo is going. Could do with some tweaking and type love, and I'm not hot on the positioning of the mark yet, as i was initially trying to read a GT in there. Great work!

Mason Roberts said on May. 05 '11

@logomotive, Totally agree mate... I just don't think it should be the ONLY thing a designer thinks about! If it happens it happens, but its not the be all and end all of logo design! :)

cpuentes23 said on May. 19 '11

Cool idea

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