Norbert Mierzwa

by milou • Uploaded: Jan. 28 '11

Description: Finished work for freelancer, web designer working on few fields. Client was looking for aggressive creature.

As seen on: mierzwa.org

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: dragonfoxfenixphoenixsilver

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milou said on Jan. 28 '11

Also you can see the sketch: http://cl.ly/152A31140Q1F1M06033e

wizemark said on Jan. 28 '11

this would be better (more aggressive if you like) if it was vice versa - dark on light bg.. it looks `inverted` right now..

milou said on Jan. 28 '11

Thanks Srdjan, updated to the colors that will be in use, rarr.

wizemark said on Jan. 28 '11

much more powerful and defined now, imo.. cool stuff.

milou said on Jan. 28 '11

Appreciate that a lot, buddy.

cresk said on Jan. 28 '11

Great, is it a spitting fox?

milou said on Jan. 28 '11

My main establishment was to make it not obvious, not easy to define, as my client works on few fields, so it can be also a fox as you said, thanks Cresk!

filipev said on Jan. 29 '11

Looks cool mate. Gotta get one of those sketch books, but I don't know where xP.

myob said on Jan. 29 '11

Even if it was not meant to be obvious or easy defined for that matter, there is a slight association between the icon and the name. The 'rzw' letters combination in the name are an aggressive stack, let alone combined with that creature :). Good work milou!

milou said on Jan. 30 '11

Hey Filipe, check out the MyNest sketchbooks, also I know that Behance has some goodies like that as well.
Thank you for the good observation Myob!

morecolor said on Jan. 30 '11

Pyszczek, oczko i uszko bardzo dopracowane, podoba mi sie, ogonek moze troszke mniej, bardziej dynamiczny wzorek bym tam widzial, ale i tak jest cool :)

milou said on Jan. 30 '11

Dzieki Kamil :-)

filipev said on Jan. 30 '11

Thank you for the information! ;).

milou said on Jan. 30 '11

No problem ;-)

noebel said on Feb. 09 '11

What type is that? Work really well.

Pierro said on Feb. 15 '11

I love curves in fox!

milou said on Feb. 15 '11

@Noebel It's Titillium.
@Pierro Glad to hear that.

Type and Signs said on Nov. 20 '11

cool one !!!!

milou said on Nov. 21 '11

Thanks Bernd!

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