by epicantus • Uploaded: Aug. 30 '10
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Description: Logo for classic hotel Nobilis in Lviv
PS. Later was selected by a client as a logo for classic restaurant situated in Nobilis Hotel in Lviv.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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lumavine said on Aug. 30 '10

Very nice. High class for sure!

oronoz ® said on Aug. 30 '10

Nice Daria!

tass said on Aug. 30 '10

A lot of nice work uploaded lately, congrats!

milou said on Aug. 31 '10

Classy, fine shapes!

mcdseven said on Aug. 31 '10

lovely piece of work.

wizemark said on Aug. 31 '10

Looks really great. But, probably cuz of the treatment (shadow/light) on the hat, it reminded me instantly on http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/8715/dsc0216ri.jpg">THIS one. TresLogos, page 47.

Chad Sanderson said on Sep. 01 '10

Fantastic work. The hat and the face are done just about perfectly.

azdesign said on Dec. 22 '10

Great piece of work!

leonardoprause said on Dec. 29 '10

classy, very nice

lumavine said on Dec. 29 '10

Love it! But I don't get the bottom line in the illustration.

felro said on Dec. 29 '10

great illustration. like the smooth lines on the top hat. I think that the bottom line might be unnecessary? If you remove it, the logo might be more appealing. Then again, the height of the entire logo looks fantastic. It is just as interesting. Good job :)

vergad said on Dec. 29 '10

congrats on gallery spot. always loved this one. beautiful flow... favourited!

ryanlynndesign said on Dec. 30 '10

I love the execution and the concept. Very high end.

myway999 said on Dec. 30 '10

great shapes and wonderful execution:)

LadyGrey said on Dec. 30 '10

Very stylish

rudy hurtado said on Dec. 30 '10

Very suggestive, great work!

james ewin designs said on Dec. 30 '10

Quality mark!

Ocularink said on Dec. 30 '10

Nice job! Should the N in the type be a little wider. There also seems to be a some awkward kerning with some of the letters...just me being nit picky. Still, great job!

deonnis said on Jan. 01 '11

Nice job!

wizmaya said on Jan. 12 '11

Great style! Perfect execution!

outlander said on Feb. 16 '11

Great execution

julium said on Mar. 04 '11

Really well done!

ubishere said on Mar. 04 '11

Nicely done, a fine logo!

artdemix said on Apr. 01 '11

just 1 more voice.. )

LorenaSchreiner said on Aug. 01 '11

Excellent work!! I Like!! Regards!! :)

Freelance grafiker said on Aug. 09 '11

Love this style Apicantus.. How long did it take you to make it?

Simon™ said on Aug. 15 '11

Amazing style.

bieleib said on Sep. 11 '11

Excellent execution!

Artgeko said on Oct. 04 '11

Stylish and elegant!

type and signs said on Oct. 26 '11

I know this for such a long time ... and I love it !!

balic said on Nov. 18 '11

Light and shadow play here is wonderful!
Great work!

chanpion said on Nov. 18 '11

How the hell did I miss this one?! 2 x F's.

matti said on Nov. 23 '11


jands said on Dec. 12 '11


ediesign said on Jan. 17 '12

Nice nice nice and nice

whoswho said on Jan. 22 '12

superbe felicitations

robinssoncravents said on Jan. 25 '12

This are a great logo

M.R.F. said on Jan. 26 '12

awesome!!! grt logo!

acmark said on Apr. 30 '12

smooth! love this!

oliverakos said on May. 02 '12


ghanyleo said on Jan. 01 '13

nice logo :D

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