Raffles Cafe and Bar

by BigAl67 • Uploaded: May. 12 '10
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Description: New logo for established bar and cafe. My first attempt at making an ambigram of a brand name.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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gary said on May. 12 '10


Rokac said on May. 12 '10


BigAl67 said on May. 12 '10

Thanks for the floats and comments Gary and Rokac.

firebrand said on May. 12 '10

Nice. Must be ambigram week. ;)

Art Machine said on May. 12 '10

Definitely one of the better ambigrams out there. Well done, mate.

BigAl67 said on May. 12 '10

Thanks Julian and Roy - appreciate your floats and comments. It was nice to have a job that could benefit from the ambigramspiration I have had from others out there.

andreiu said on May. 12 '10

looks very cool!

BigAl67 said on May. 12 '10

Thanks for looking in Andreiu.

arpad said on May. 12 '10

Well done, nice flow and readability!

William © 2009 said on May. 12 '10

Yea, because it's not a 'cheap' ambigram, if you know what I mean... 'onovo', 'aboqe', 'evona', wow it took me 30 seconds to come up with those! :) Congratulations on this one, it's awesome.

nrcreative said on May. 12 '10

Bravo! Bravo! I've yet to create a successful ambigram.

thewebster said on May. 12 '10

Big One! Nice style and great readability. I love ambigrams :)

raja said on May. 12 '10

I appreciate that this was done to meet a real challenge and not 'for fun'

desdecero said on May. 12 '10

Great Work... Congratulations !!!

Mikeymike said on May. 12 '10

This is soooooo sweat. real nice ambigram. great style and elegance. Bravo indeed.

devey said on May. 12 '10

Very nice!

jerron said on May. 12 '10

I was actually able to read this one, and it was done for a real project. I float it twice.

logoboom said on May. 12 '10

I can certainly see what the coasters could look like. And legible all around the table!

ocularink said on May. 12 '10

A darn good first attempt. You nailed it!

sdijock said on May. 12 '10

Nice work on the type - very cool. I commend you on the rest of the detail work as well - really finishes off the logo nicely.

BigAl67 said on May. 12 '10

Hey all... really appreciate the kind words and floats. Thanks for looking in. Hope the client sees it your way... they have to, don't they?

logomotive said on May. 12 '10


BigAl67 said on May. 12 '10

Thanks for the comment and float Mike.

onesummer said on May. 13 '10

very well done! my guess is the 'l' was the hardest part of it? just seems a little forced in how it is connected to the 'e'. but then i'm probably just being overly picky. it is an ambigram after all, and a darn good one!

koodoz said on May. 13 '10

F'ing awesome! Well done

logotivity said on May. 14 '10

love it.. I've never seen a bad looking ambigram..

logoboom said on May. 14 '10

well let me show you one:


logopunk said on May. 18 '10

ambigram heaven!

BigAl67 said on May. 18 '10

Hey all - thanks for looking in and the floats.

emesghali said on May. 18 '10

I LOOOVE how the flourishes act as a complete unit in the background. the type in the middle is also GREAT. not obvious at first glance, makes you think twice.

dikkers said on Aug. 13 '10

first attempt? wow. perfect.

Love the connection between the AF and FE, doesn't really need to be there, but just ties it all in really well. Awesome.

mcdseven said on Aug. 13 '10


JoePrince said on Oct. 15 '10

Very legible, sweeeet!

BIGAL67 said on Oct. 23 '10

Thanks Joe, Mcdseven, dikkers and emesghali for the kind comments.

kimbrill said on May. 04 '11

I'm a big fan of John Langdon. This is wonderful.

BigAl67 said on May. 05 '11

Thanks Kimbrill - much appreciated.

javaap said on May. 06 '11

Great ambigram Kudos!

BigAl67 said on May. 06 '11

Hey - Thanks Javaap. Nice of you to look in and comment.

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