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Craig Reynolds

I am an Artist, Designer, and Creator.
I have studied and applied art for over 10 years; from the classroom to the real world. Cracking open books, drawing in my sketch pads, designing on the computer…I've done it all. But, what designer hasn't? So why am I different? That’s a great question…
I have a strong fascination with art and its integration in our world. I have never stopped learning or educating myself because I always strive to improve how I design; I want to find new and creative ways to integrate design into real world application. My education did not stop when I left the classroom, I always make time during the week to educate myself further, experience new techniques, experiment with different styles, etc. The design industry is always changing and not only am I changing with it, but I am helping it change!

As silly as it may sound, when I was 12 years old, I had made a conscious decision to pursue a career in the art field. I was young and I had no idea what real jobs existed, but I knew it is what I wanted and needed to do. I loved drawing and I always found myself stealing paper from the school printers just so I could sketch out the ideas that were floating around in my head. I would consider myself more of a technical artist; I didn’t draw the same stuff all the other kids did. Most kids my age would be found drawing cartoons, people, comics, etc. I was always drawing and designing fictional buildings, cities, skylines, stadiums, and other architectural styled art. I had a strong liking to the way lines worked together, I loved straight lines, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines. My drawing were all very clean, realistic, basic forms, and fresh. It is interesting to look back on this time and see that my designs now are a reflection of what I used to draw on those small pieces of paper. They’re simplistic and minimalistic, but still maintain creativity and originality.
I have submerged my life into learning design! Prior to attended college I was already producing designs that were being used in real world application. I always felt years ahead of my classmates and often found myself helping others and aiding my professors.
I grew up knowing I was going to be a graphic designer, even before I knew what graphic design was. I had and still have a passion for art and how it is applied in our world and I will continue to immerse myself in the design world. I will grow and become stronger in the industry and I will strive to become a better designer everyday because that is who I am.


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