Morandini: 'All Logos'



Creating images. Perhaps this is the best definition to what Morandini has been accomplishing for more than two decades. Without caring about social labels, he balances himself on a tightrope between design and art. His creations are born to fill the eyes. Impossible to be indifferent.

His drawings, logos and projects are made to shine. To pass positive messages. To attract by the look. To captivate. To seduce. To blow up in colors and to fill the world with highly vibrant forms. To give a ride to companies, products and brands to exciting and uncommon trips.

Morandini believes that provoking the directions is the most vital ability that a designer carries in his box of tricks. It is a question of taking care of psychological factors involved in all the productive chain.

Taking a walk through the most varied fields of design and visual arts in search of ludic answers, he always seems to be asking us: Isn't having fun, one of our most sublime attributes?


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