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Amie Harrison

Amie Harrison is a meticulous, quirky being with an unearthly obsession for vector illustration. A constant fidget, Amie is at her best with a box of sharpies and a sketch pad. Constantly dreaming up fanciful doodles and heavily involved vector illustrations for unique projects and her own personal sanity. With over 7 years of Industry experience, Amie is adept at creating unique projects for clients in the area's of print, branding, illustration, packaging, web, advertising, exhibition and spacial design.

Adherent that a brand is more than it's logo, Amie believes creating an identity for a business or institution is an essential form of visual communication. Its a promise of what is to come, offering the viewer or consumer a personalised experience, leaving an everlasting memory. It is a language both visual and verbal. Extensive research and design development is employed creating a visual language that best represents the brand, efficiently communicating to the companies marketplace.

Ultimately, Amie aims to create striking unique designs that are versatile, impactive and sympathetic to the target audience.


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