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by vld • Uploaded: Nov. 03 '07 - Gallerized: Nov. '07


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Description: Logo for Cycle Sector, they manufacture and sell motorcycle parts and accessories.
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Beklad Nov. 03 '07

I like this one most. But maybe you could change the pink into orange, red, blue or green. Pink isn't attractive to your target group.

webing Nov. 03 '07

I saw a motorcycle but I didn't read %22cycle%22 because od the reflected C.

koodoz Nov. 05 '07

I agree with Beklad - This is the best out of the Cycle Sector logos. I also agree that a red or maybe even a rich yellow would work better. Pink, to me, suggests you sell mopeds/scooters. **Overall an excellent use of type. Well done!

AL Nov. 08 '07

Very nice. However, I think where it works as an illustration, it doesn't necessarily work as a logo (too complex and hard to read I think).

onesummer Nov. 08 '07

yeah it took me a bit to read cycle, but i didn't care once i realized it forms an actual motor cycle. same with the sector. didn't like it until i realized it is supposed to be exhaust. pink just does not work here. i don't know many who ride pink bikes.

OcularInk Nov. 08 '07

@ Climax - LOL!! Good one!**I think the logo can be tweaked some more to be perfect, but the idea is great. I agree with Climax. It could work well. :-D

vld Nov. 08 '07

Tnx guys.%0D*I'm sure it needs some tweaking, especially the %22smoke%22. Letter %22t%22 do not fit well and overall thickness of the letters is not good.%0D*I tried to stick to original helvetica style on the motorcycle as much as I could.%0D*%0D*And now, PINK!%0D*From the beginning I knew that this is not the style client is looking for so i didn't badger to please them. I just had to do it this way. I now it's somehow odd to make it pink but I like how it looks.%0D*I'll upload a modified version soon.%0D*%0D*@ Climax: I'm speechless! LOL%0D*

firebrand Nov. 08 '07

Lol. Having seen Climax's comp, I'm sold. Works really well.

nido Nov. 08 '07

I think the shop door should be on the right!

justingray Nov. 08 '07

I saw the words cycle and the bike straight away. *...Brilliant *

vld Jan. 05 '08

Tnx for the comments.%0D*I made some changes, on color and word %22sector%22.%0D*

vr4jen Jul. 16 '08

I think the cycle works so well on its own that sector is taking away from it. When something is that standout, you want to compliment it, not compete with it. I get the whole smoke thing, but... that's also an indicator of an engine problem %3B) I'd find a nice, clean typeface and place %22sector%22 on the bottom.

vld Oct. 21 '08

tnx vr4jen. Interesting opinion, specially this part about engine problem. I never thought of it...

hindmarshdesign Apr. 05 '09

I love the %22cycle%22 part but not the sector!

vld Sep. 10 '09

Thanks Jess...%0D*I must say that I still like it as it is :) although some people told me that the smoke from the exhaust is not a good sign :)

vld Aug. 05 '11

Thank you kral oyun!


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