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No not really but I am addicted to my Xbox.

And I get artistically frustrated all the time. I just want to break stuff and tag walls and hurt kittens. Ironically, I am currently attending a Christian seminary for an MA but I do feel like the only sinner there. Maybe because I want to hurt cats (not dogs).

My website has been under construction for at least the past 7 months and this will be the 6th version I am on. I hate all my artwork and designs.

I am a freelance Art Director/Creative Director (I quit my job at an ad agency last year) and am loving the freedom (though clients can be very picky). If you're a non-profit organization, I would love to help you out. If you have no money, I'd still help you out. If you're just plain stingy, I'll hatch a plan to bleed you dry. If you don't like my personality, at least I'm honest about your stuff.

Check out my non-existent website and contact me if you feel the need to spray paint.

BTW, I hate making logos and I suck at it. Maybe I hate it because I suck at it. Or maybe I suck at it because I hate doing it.


Advertising is King.


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