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Miles Cartwright

I may not be lucky, but Id like to think that I am. Ive only had strep throat two times, I havent been dumped by all my girlfriends, and I only had to suffer in the great state of New Jersey for ten years. Now some may say that growing up in New Jersey is the very definition of un-lucky, but sharing the same state as Bon Jovi, the Sopranos and Bruce Springstein, enables me see it differently. With my range of skills and knowledge in advertising, graphic design and painting, as well as my love for being active in different things such as surfing (design blogs), snowboarding (the mountainous terrains of ad) and running (circles around my competitors), I believe I can be an asset to your creative team.

Now I cant tell you for sure, that I will be your missing link, your lucky charm, but I do know that I am the most dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic team player you are likely to draw from the deck. So until then, I hope youve heard that Kenny Rogers Song, and you too know when to hold em.


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