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Juan Rivera

My name is Juan Francisco Rivera, I was born on April 18, 1985 in the small town of Santa Ana in western El Salvador, Central America. Since I young, I studied in American and Bilingual schools. So, I speak English fairly well even though my native language is Spanish.
From an early age, I showed interest in art and drawing. This evolved into a tremendous passion for the aesthetics, design, and illustration. These interests had greatly influenced my decision to get a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in 2003.

I started working early on my career. In 2004, at age 18, I was doing editorial and layout design at a pretty small magazine. Since then, my whole professional career has been about graphic and conceptual work in external and internal brand campaigns which range from naming, brand identity, advertising and branding jobs.

I am currently working my Master’s degree in Branding in ELISAVA (Barcelona) with the purpose of turning my career around and getting in touch with the strategic and management part of brands.


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