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Dotted8 is a graphic design company started by Jeff Johnson in the summer of 2011. Jeff graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Design and Technology.

Dotted8 strives to provide beautiful, and functional design. We believe each client has a unique story to tell. By making creative and intentional decisions, we hope to narrate these stories in ways that create multiple layers of meaning; beyond the aesthetic.

The term dotted8 refers to a specific type of rhythm or timing in music. Dotted 8 timing may seem off time when layered with a quarter note rhythm. However, as you continue to play this a dotted 8 rhythm consistently, a pattern emerges. What seemed unintentional and off time now has meaning.

When I work on a project I try to create a pattern. This may not be a pattern of aesthetic choices, but a pattern of design decisions. Standing alone, individual decision may not seem intentional, but as bring together many similar, related design choices, I hope to create a pattern of meaning.


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