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Joe Baron

ABOUT JOE BARON - Since picking up crayons at the age of 5 to color and draw, it seemed that I was destined to make art a part of my life. Little did I know that recreating sports logos in middle school would lead to creating logos for companies as my profession when I got older. Graduating college with a B.S. in Graphic Design and a passion for illustration and design, I look forward to treating every client's project with extreme care. Experience as a marketing manager, working with other graphic designers, and working as a graphic artist for a silkscreen company; has given me the knowledge and keen eye to create a good design. Every design created must meet high standards and be considered "stunningly fresh" whether it is a very clean and simple design or a piece with a ton of finesse and "all that jazz." With the love of art and the understanding that procrasination is the thief of fortune there is no reason that the end result should be anything but remarkable.


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