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I have been involved in the web since 1999 on and off and started firstly by being fascinated with websites and the code behind them. Having learned the C64 Basic Language Manual by heart at age 11 it came naturally that whatever control the 'internet' (in my naive terms as a beginner to the web was HTML, Javascript, Graphic Design - and that is what I did, mastering HTML and some functional JScript at the time and started creating websites & practicing my design with the help of an ICQ associate I had met (Scotty.cc) who taught me everything about Graphics & creating web design in Photoshop 6/7.
Then after 36mths off to find paid work to finance my passion - everything chaged, css was born & widespread, Javascript had become more than a few tricks on a page, and I was lost - everything I learned was all but being replaced. I continued with Graphic Design for Web Elements, Icons, Buttons etc but until 2009 did not start learning the new methods - now it is my goal, passion and dream - I began out to learn start to finish web design & front-end development and that is what I have been focused on for 18mths.

...How's that for a 2000-2010 Bio.
In the meantime when giving up on coding regularly I began working on my own web sites, Apps, Forums etc with the help of my friends, without them, the programmers I have used over time are like my partners & friends and we work well together (past & now the future).

*If you would like to help out with some brilliant minds all with 2-14yrs experience in design & Dev we need skilled, young and determined workers who will have an especially signed 'volunteer' work on your CV (yes, it helps) + we offer great Rewards also for work well done volunteered by Sponsors especially for our Workers.

.... "Is that enough? Check back in 3-6mths we will have a number of live Beta Sites & WebApps, Mobile Apps to check back on... I only show to the public when final Beta for Public is ready to go..."


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