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I did 5 years of Graphic Design at high school; four years at IED in Milan, the first year I attended the course in Graphic Design, then I continued my education by following the three-year of Art Direction in Milan and I just graduated in June. I am always lookin for new ideas , new influences, im so interested on graphics design, illustration, creativity,
the world of cinema and music. I draw a lot and on every project i really believe in what i do. I want to compare myself with different people; im always looking for new styles, new trends, try to draw and create with character and perseverance. I need to be stimulated to the maximum; i need to see different things every day, because be visually stimulated it is extremely important to me. Ability to obtain a good value with the people around me.
In constant research for be prepared on the world of Art, Design, Product.
Aware to the new trends.
Desire to learn and learn again and work abroad for comparing myself with world.


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