Australian Pork

by badovsky • Uploaded: Mar. 18 '10
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Description: pork meat

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: pork australia map

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ALL4LEO said on Mar. 18 '10

haha,nice one ;)

ethereal said on Mar. 18 '10

Where's the love on this one, this is gold.

theartistt said on Mar. 18 '10


ahab said on Mar. 18 '10

This is cool. At first glance on the thumbnail I thought it was a mask.

kathariney said on Mar. 18 '10

absolutely adorable

brandsimplicity said on Mar. 19 '10

Very nicely done champ!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 19 '10

really cool concept and execution.

logoboom said on Mar. 19 '10

Well it's cute but from an actual marketing standpoint I don't think it holds up. You don't mix cute with edible. This smacks of a raw nose that's been sliced off with a little splatter of blood under it. I know, I know...some of you will say I need to lighten up. But design is only as good as its appropriateness to the message.

eziemac said on Mar. 19 '10

Come on, lighten up, Glen, it's just a bit of fun ;)

chopeh said on Mar. 19 '10

Well bloody snouts make me hungry, thats for sure ;)

logoboom said on Mar. 19 '10

Hey, I'm just sayin....

j-CAZ said on Mar. 19 '10


eziemac said on Mar. 19 '10

yeah, I'm just joshing, Glen, total valid points you made, buddy :)

logoboom said on Mar. 19 '10

I know ;-)

badovsky said on Mar. 19 '10

ha ha! thanks guys. this only just for fun concept! not unused propsal, but JUST FOR FUUUUUN ) marketing? what is this? :D

firebrand said on Mar. 19 '10

I thought it was a theatrical mask, a pork chop, a snout... in that order.

sean23uk said on Mar. 19 '10


and I'd buy their pork! I like the idea of sliced pig nose :)

dezinart said on Mar. 19 '10

Yea, I was thinking it was a pork chop at first glance. Never got the snout until I saw others comments. Perhaps another as a pork chop? I completely agree with radhacelis.

lucadolci said on Mar. 20 '10

omg so clever!!

plantingseeds said on Mar. 20 '10

hahaha, wicked. Not only does the shape resemble Australia, but a pig-snout and I saw a pork-chop in there too. The pinkish-meat colour on beige skin-tone is a nice touch too.

zeak said on Mar. 20 '10

Truly good!

jimmyjack said on Mar. 20 '10

im a vegetarian, and though i dont agree with the pig-farming industry, i do agree with this logo. i love it - a very clever, simple and fun idea.

BigAl67 said on Mar. 20 '10

Love this.... wish I could double float - or more. Brilliant for its simplicity.

quierologo said on Mar. 22 '10

a very original and simple idea, love it!!!

james ewin designs said on Sep. 01 '10


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