by InkwillDesign • Uploaded: Feb. 18 '10
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Description: Welcome to MetroMobile, the city where distances are shorter.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: wirelessnightlighttelephonyantennas

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muku said on Feb. 18 '10


nareshdhondi said on Feb. 19 '10

Cool, like it!

Mikeymike said on Feb. 19 '10

very clever.

smylek said on Feb. 19 '10

wow, that's nice

andreiu said on Feb. 19 '10

cool concept, tough i've seen this idea before: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/36365>SMS NightLife

mcdseven said on Feb. 19 '10

^same concept IMo, but this is a far superior execution. I like this.

datzebao said on Feb. 19 '10

very nice :)

alexanderspliid said on Feb. 20 '10

Thats one logo man!

mattaebersold said on Feb. 20 '10

Nice visuals and colors!

William © 2009 said on Feb. 20 '10

Thanks everyone for your comments.

smallbig-design said on Feb. 20 '10

This is great like the concept cityscape

saawan said on Feb. 22 '10

Clever and cool execution!

klasdesigns said on Feb. 22 '10

Very well done!

gabriel_garaliten said on Feb. 23 '10

muy beio.

NoxifieD said on Apr. 04 '10

Very Nice, I like this logo a lot, So I made a remake, And I was wondering if I could put it in my dA portfolio.

William © 2009 said on Apr. 10 '10

Why did you lie in the description? "This is a remake of a logo designed by me and William." (!)

And, Alen, guess what! "I heard about cake films and just thought I would make a cool logo for it."

Uh oh...

Type08 said on Apr. 10 '10

Don't get it... Is this a message for me William?

William © 2009 said on Apr. 10 '10

Yup, if any logo http://noxyyyyy.deviantart.com/gallery/">here rings a bell to you...

Type08 said on Apr. 10 '10

William, thanks a lot for the heads up, just realized what's this all about... It's about this moronic mentality that I'll never understand... David, start please with banding this 'maroon' from the Pond, thanks! The story of primitivism just doesn't have an ending...

laakitten said on Feb. 26 '11

Is this logo for sell? just the logo no the website or anything else... I will love to use this for a project at my mba

William © 2009 said on Feb. 28 '11

Thank you for your interest in my work. Unfortunately, this logo got sold. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way.

designtofeel said on Mar. 03 '11

Hi, great work. Is your logo in any way connected to this one?


Type08 said on Mar. 03 '11

I think it's the other way around...

William © 2009 said on Mar. 03 '11

But hey, the windows are different enough!

William © 2009 said on Mar. 03 '11

What a lot of nerve...

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