by stylorogue • Uploaded: Dec. 25 '09
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Description: Logo for a photography/film studio

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: photographyfilmpictures

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SuperSpence said on Dec. 26 '09

Just beautiful!

shahrulazmi said on Dec. 26 '09

nicely done

michaelspitz said on Dec. 26 '09

Again, nicely done! :)

BigAl67 said on Dec. 26 '09

Great work Stylo

LxrKan said on Dec. 26 '09


Jpayne said on Dec. 26 '09

really cool idea mate

brandclay said on Dec. 26 '09

ha this is awesome

brandsimplicity said on Dec. 26 '09

Hear the roar of the crowd...no to the lions here...kudos!

lundeja said on Dec. 26 '09

Interesting idea but I'd be lying if I said it was visually appealing.

ethereal said on Dec. 26 '09

Wow, this is great!

logoboom said on Dec. 26 '09

should the thinner portion not have the 2nd row of sprocket holes?

m1sternoname said on Dec. 27 '09

I'm with Jard on this one

Wizemark said on Dec. 27 '09


joseivan19 said on Dec. 27 '09

Looks colossal, well done.

G1GAB1T said on Dec. 28 '09

good work!

alterego said on Dec. 28 '09

interesting thought nice font selection as well ....

Type08 said on Dec. 28 '09

Unfortunately this was already done here in Croatia: http://www.pulafilmfestival.hr/hr/index.php
I don't suggest this to be a rip off just to let you know... :(

cseven said on Dec. 28 '09

Really well done.

Pdog1 said on Dec. 28 '09

I love this logo! Well done.

stylorogue said on Dec. 29 '09

Thanks guys :)

Magdalena_JC said on Dec. 29 '09

love it, it is certainly very appealing :)

raja said on Dec. 30 '09

if you didn't just make this up and designed this for a client, I love it!

koodoz said on Dec. 30 '09


maja said on Dec. 30 '09

fantastic idea

proseuche said on Jan. 01 '10

Great work!

Thrasher317 said on Jan. 04 '10

Such a great mark.

wilsonink said on Jan. 04 '10

This is just so powerfull!! :) nice mark

_blink said on Jan. 12 '10

Brilliant idea, and well executed too. Did you try a sans serif font? I'm not sure, but it might work better with the clean lines of the image..

tentcamper said on Jan. 19 '10

very nice logo.

logopunk said on May. 07 '10

I think the serif typeface lends itself better to the historic vibe of the icon, so I'd keep it.

Nice work!

McBeanDesign said on Oct. 01 '10

Smart...Great ideas

robin21 said on Oct. 04 '11


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