God's Gym

by stylorogue • Uploaded: Dec. 25 '09
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Description: Logo for a gym/fitness centre.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: fitmusclegym

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milou said on Dec. 26 '09

this one is funny, I like it!

logomotive said on Dec. 26 '09

anatomy one of the hardest things to do. Making it shape a G an extra level of skill. Making it strong (lol) and simple too. Big Kudos.

vld said on Dec. 27 '09

... I'm sure I saw this logo before. Reploaded? New account?
Wery nice work though.

xm said on Dec. 27 '09

I've seen it before too but it's still too kewl.

stylorogue said on Dec. 29 '09

This is my new account, I uploaded this in Brandstack.

Larkef said on Dec. 30 '09

Love it. =]

andreiu said on Feb. 03 '10

very go(o)d! :>

mcdseven said on Feb. 03 '10


13mu said on Feb. 24 '11

Eee cool!!!

Pitpistolet said on Feb. 25 '11

Eye catching Very well done!

ru_ferret said on Feb. 25 '11

I remember this, very cool :)

dima je said on Feb. 25 '11

Love it!

chrizom said on Feb. 25 '11

fantastic! I love it!

matthiason said on Feb. 25 '11


janzabransky said on Feb. 25 '11

Awesome. Such a strong logo.

wizmaya said on Feb. 25 '11

Haha this is awesome!

Mikeymike said on Feb. 25 '11

like it. unique. strong graphically. and cool. :)

Buckeye Football said on Feb. 25 '11

First time I have heard of God's gym. Like the G flex. Working in a cross would be cool.

shadia_26 said on Feb. 25 '11

This is a great logo. Simple yet powerful :)

vasvari said on Feb. 25 '11

Very imaginative!

Pierro said on Feb. 25 '11

Very elegant, perfect for a club identity.

kappy1986 said on Feb. 25 '11

Haha, very nice!

pjmaster said on Feb. 26 '11

Great illustration.

hyperborea said on Feb. 26 '11

It took too long for this one to enter the gallery...

stylorogue said on Feb. 27 '11

Finally :)

shurik said on Feb. 27 '11

very nice dude!

hamidos said on Mar. 01 '11


niedzwiedz said on Apr. 20 '11

Great work :)

ideoma said on Oct. 20 '11

it's an awesome idea and it's very well designed! i hope you don't get bummed about this critique but I think the right arm bicep should have some work done. =)

oliverakos said on Oct. 31 '11

yes just perfect...

neilss1 said on Nov. 06 '12

This is wicked cool great job!!

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