by Rincon • Uploaded: Dec. 07 '09

Description: logo for a new project that will produce clean energy that protects the environment, by using organic wastes

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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rincon said on Dec. 07 '09

Thanks Anthony , Glad U like it.

fanego said on Dec. 07 '09


ALL4LEO said on Dec. 07 '09

Good one ;)

milou said on Dec. 07 '09


rudy hurtado said on Dec. 07 '09

Love this one Rincon.

megashred13 said on Dec. 07 '09


rincon said on Dec. 07 '09

thank you guys for the kind words, I appreciate it

snowkai said on Dec. 07 '09

I like it, but may be tringle insiede is redundant;)

andreiu said on Dec. 08 '09

very nice work, mate!

Type08 said on Dec. 08 '09

I hope that you won't get me wrong, just wanted to share my first impression here. Structured this way I didn't FEEL the energy part at all. I know that it's hidden in the message of the power cable but if you just analyze the visual composition, it reminds more of an dry and old branch in the middle of the autumn with just one small and dry leaf hanging down from it (I know that it uses the waste but why showing it?)... Brand name such as Econergy (Eco ENERGY) should be bursting out with the visual energy man! Leaf shapes, colors, light, sun !!! Bam, bam!
Now, you did a good job here when it comes to execution of the concept you had in mind, no comment there, hats down. But just wanted to share my thought on being this a logo for a brand name like that one... No hard feelings?

rincon said on Dec. 08 '09

Hey Type, is difficult to find people who tell the truth as they think is it, thanks for being honest, I really appreciate it, thanks, it's a good point that you bring, let's see , I promise IŽll think out

runamark said on Dec. 08 '09

%u0425%u043E%u0440%u043E%u0448%u043E ;)

runamark said on Dec. 08 '09

Well ;)

ru_ferret said on Dec. 09 '09

This is good, Rincon!

Jpayne said on Dec. 20 '09

The subtlety here works really well. Could work even without the leaf, I know that wouldn't show the 'eco' side in the icon but the name 'econergy' is surely enough. Just an idea.

soe said on Jan. 27 '10

Hi Ricon
I really like this one.
Is is possible to talk to you on phone, we need a logo for our non profit organization, and the idea we have is very closed to your design, and we like to ask you to draw one for us.
you can email to yaungni@gmail.com


bourkedesign said on Aug. 02 '11

Very nice!

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