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Description: advertising agency

Status: Client work

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JoePrince said on Dec. 04 '09

Have an animal fetish, eh?

ru_ferret said on Dec. 04 '09

like them a lot, Joe (:

alexanderspliid said on Dec. 04 '09

Reminds me of a similar one, just with a peguin... The execution of this is delight though.

brandsimplicity said on Dec. 04 '09

Yes it is a similar, but better executed. It has a neater natural flow.

epsilon said on Dec. 04 '09

Agree with Fabian, really well executed, very fluid.

oska said on Dec. 04 '09

oh yes, this rings a bell.

dotflo said on Dec. 05 '09

great execution indeed, reminds me of this one too..http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/72047

grigoriou said on Dec. 08 '09

really beautiful logo here. tremendous execution and balance.

andreiu said on Dec. 09 '09

somhow agree with dotflo

ru_ferret said on Dec. 09 '09

thanks guys. yeap, letters are the same.

designoman said on Dec. 09 '09

%u0425%u043E%u0440%u043E%u0448%u0435%u0435 %u0441%u043E%u0447%u0435%u0442%u0430%u043D%u0438%u0435 %u043F%u043B%u0430%u0441%u0442%u0438%u043A%u0438 %u0438 %u043E%u0431%u0440%u0430%u0437%u043D%u043E%u0441%u0442%u0438

sean23uk said on Dec. 09 '09


szalaypeti said on Dec. 09 '09


Tømme said on Dec. 09 '09

very neat!

Lipdesignz said on Dec. 09 '09


vasvari said on Dec. 10 '09

Hah, very good! Great!

aero26 said on Dec. 19 '09

Not bad at all.

canerdinc said on Dec. 25 '09

what a nice spot!

AlexWende said on Aug. 11 '10

higher the price on brandstack and send them an e-mail ;^)

ru_ferret said on Aug. 12 '10

They modified it you know, lol

Petro said on Feb. 03 '11

Great! One of the best of graphic logos.

ru_ferret said on Feb. 07 '11

I'm glad you think so Peter.

un-staged said on Mar. 31 '11

i really like your work. keep doing it* :)


ru_ferret said on Apr. 01 '11

Thanks, with great pleasure :)

ru_ferret said on Apr. 19 '11

Terribly happy, Pelican found its owner!

13mu said on Apr. 20 '11

pazdravljaju Nikita! :)

vernics said on Apr. 20 '11

Congratz Nikita :)

ru_ferret said on Apr. 20 '11

Thank you-hoo! :)

tanker79 said on May. 17 '11

Very cool! I love the negative space effect! Well done

ru_ferret said on May. 18 '11

I love negative space lovers :)

logomotive said on May. 18 '11

Huge fan. can't believe I have not commented or floated yet.

ru_ferret said on May. 19 '11


ru_ferret said on Sep. 29 '11

Cool news, Pelican would be in LL7! I knew they had forgotten something:)

Mikeymike said on Sep. 29 '11

congrats, Nikita. (can't believe I hadn't floated this one yet. Wow, me bad.)

ru_ferret said on Oct. 01 '11

Better late than never, Mikey:) Thank you.

Type and Signs said on Oct. 04 '11

oh man ... love the simplicity !!

Different Perspective said on Oct. 26 '11

Great negative space usage! clever!

felro said on Jan. 06 '12


ru_ferret said on Jan. 06 '12

That's great! Thank you guys.

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 13 '12

Are you familiar with this, Nikita: http://www.pelicanwater.com

ru_ferret said on Jan. 14 '12

Hi, Sean. Probably they are the ones who bought it from Brandstack, I emailed them just in case. Thanks buddy!

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 14 '12

I figured that was it, I just wanted to make sure they didnt rip this from you. Too bad they didnt have you do the type for them but the mark looks great and is a great fit for them. I found them when searching for a salt free water softener! :)

redchocolate said on May. 04 '12

Creativeeeeeeeeeeeee! Nice!

logomotive said on Jun. 09 '12

Still a FAV!

ru_ferret said on Jun. 10 '12

Means a lot, Mike! Thank you.

BujarLuboci said on Jan. 06 '15

very creative ... but when someone takes all the credit for the work of someone's else its just pity..
I admire your work.

ru_ferret said on Apr. 01 '15

Sure, but not in this case. They are the owners of the logo.

logomotive said on Apr. 01 '15

I see it around. Just say yeah my buddy designed that.

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