Georgian Film

by milash • Uploaded: Dec. 03 '09
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Description: Logo for the Georgian Film studio

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Rokac said on Dec. 03 '09

Wow, very cool.

rincon said on Dec. 03 '09

hey, good one Brother

OcularInk said on Dec. 03 '09

Awesome play with negative space. Be careful though, some of the detail gets pretty small at this size. ;-)

xm said on Dec. 03 '09

Freakin' kewl.

milou said on Dec. 03 '09


reddskinn said on Dec. 03 '09

I think you do not need the italic type.

milash said on Dec. 03 '09

Thanks guy. i had some second thoughts about this one, but i guess i was wrong. thanks again, i appreciate your comments.

ocularink- good point. this is just a draft, if it gets approved i'll try to enlarge details.

epsilon said on Dec. 03 '09

I knew it was your from the thumbnail ! :)

This is beautifully executed, but I'm not sure I understand the concept. It's either a torus, a doughnut or a flower (petals). Neither seems to be related to the cinematography.

epsilon said on Dec. 03 '09


rudy hurtado said on Dec. 03 '09

Strong mark, well done.

oska said on Dec. 03 '09

great minds think alike?

milash said on Dec. 03 '09

good question. tomorrow it will be judged by the guy from moscow who has a good ties in russian movie industry. you are correct, the massage is not that strong, i was kind of going for the sun with the seven beams (you know, one of the georgian traditional symbols) i'm not sure it's quite there yet though. but, i think this one has a good animation perspective.

milash said on Dec. 03 '09

thanks eps. thanks rudy. oska- "bananas films" has a very special place in our hearts, this one is mile away from that place.

eziemac said on Dec. 03 '09

Good luck for tomorrow Milash and, of course, don't worry about the banana film logo. Its very memorable mark and i can see potential for some nice animation if that kind of thing will be applied :)

milash said on Dec. 03 '09

thanks for support eziemac.

milash said on Dec. 03 '09

thanks houston-we. i appreciate it.

Type08 said on Dec. 03 '09

Milash, top work, very nice!

oska said on Dec. 04 '09

still a great piece, milash!

dotflo said on Dec. 04 '09

yep..great job

fanego said on Dec. 04 '09

very cool!

ALL4LEO said on Dec. 04 '09

you have really big talent,man

DESIGNABOT said on Dec. 04 '09

lovely stuff man!

cseven said on Dec. 04 '09

Nice one Milash. I can see the animation potential, but it still looks good static.

logoman said on Dec. 05 '09

Black Hole ) Great one!

logomotive said on Dec. 05 '09

reminds me of a fuzzy trantula for some reason.

milash said on Dec. 05 '09

thank you for good and not so good comments

paulrutting said on Dec. 07 '09

yeah looks nice, not sure about the italic font, good work tho

icu said on Dec. 08 '09

this is a great work. love it

epsilon said on Dec. 23 '09

Well, so how did it go ?

milash said on Dec. 23 '09

they thought it was horrible

cerise said on Dec. 23 '09

That would be right! ^
Taste has no boundaries unfortunately

tentcamper said on Jan. 19 '10

It is very creative, but not for this buisness. It reminds me too much like those life-saving rings that u use in the water.

zur4ik said on Feb. 06 '10

wow! it's very nice :) Is it Georgia (ountry) film studio logo? or (state) ?

milash said on Feb. 15 '10

thanks zurik. qartuli pilmis studiis logoa romelic samcuxarod daicunes.

aguscr said on Apr. 10 '10

the perspective is awesome!

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