Edge Link Ambigram Logo

by Raja • Uploaded: Jul. 22 '06
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Description: This is an ambigram. It can be read the same way when inverted 180 degrees. This concept was used to stress the 'link' aspect of the name. This was designed in 2002

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Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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nido said on Jun. 22 '07

hey man this is awsome! i was just browsing through your showcase &... BAM!!! ;)

raja said on Jun. 23 '07

thanks for the respects guys!

raja said on May. 05 '09

thanks Houston - means a lot from coming from you. Just like it does from any one eslse.

Logos are for the masses and not designers.

raja said on May. 05 '09


cseven said on May. 05 '09

So good.

raja said on May. 11 '09

thanks cseven :) - you can also see it in LogoLounge vol 3

cseven said on May. 11 '09

Yeah - I have seen it there. Nice : )

raja said on Feb. 24 '10

This logo just got selected to be published in the "LogoNest 01 book":http://www.logonest.com/2010/02/edge/

nitish.b said on Feb. 24 '10

this guy takes understanding of branding and creativity to a complete new dimension..always liked this logo...congrats...raja veree...:p

mcdseven said on Feb. 24 '10

well done raja, logo is still as fresh as it was in 06.

logomotive said on Feb. 24 '10

^ BTW who's running that site?

logomotive said on Feb. 24 '10

Just curious, feel it has some affiliation here.

nido said on Feb. 24 '10


epsilon said on Feb. 24 '10

Yeah, the lack of LogoNest's transparency is a bit troubling. Not sure why they (he?) don't want to disclose who's running the project. Perhaps there _is_ some curious affiliation there...

raja said on Mar. 01 '10

thank you

interesting, they do seem a bit running a bit incognito

nido said on Mar. 01 '10

to be honest... does anyone know anyone running sites?... to begin with anyway... I didnt know who ran this site for a long while... I guess my initial "hhmm" with logonest however was whether they really had a book deal or was it a ploy to get designers involved....

mcdseven said on Mar. 01 '10

funny you mentioned this, but I left a comment and my avatar showed up with a version of my logo I had on Typhophile.... was surprised to see that.

nido said on Mar. 01 '10

^they know where you live :Žs

mcdseven said on Mar. 01 '10

^actually my mistake... that avatar is from an old account on this site mcdsix


Good! if they are paying me a visit they better coming bearing gifts like that nice 16.99 dollar mynest sketch pad, or I'll be setting me dogs on them.

mcdseven said on Mar. 02 '10


Was there talk of doing something similar here? bringing out a book that is...

nido said on Mar. 02 '10

lol... Its true... I wasnt really looking too hard... & I always wondered who the guy with the greeny/yellow comments box was too...

epsilon said on Mar. 02 '10

@climax - try looking at logopond.com on an uncalibrated monitor... like the one on my laptop. The background of admin comments looks exactly the same as that of the regular ones. Only if I look at it at a steep angle the difference becomes noticeable.

raja said on Mar. 03 '10

mcdseven, let's push David on that book idea some more, like they say...if you want something done, ask someone who's busy :D

logoholik said on Mar. 03 '10

I think the selection could be fairly easy - just pick up club 50, 40 or 30 (depending on the volume of logos in book). I am sure there are few printers/publishers willing to hope in. Advertising shouldn't be the problem, logopond already has a lot of coverage, and i am sure the first run can be sold out and bought upfront in no time by designers here...

logoholik said on Mar. 03 '10

Oh, and Raja, this magnificent piece just entered club 50 :)

mcdseven said on Mar. 03 '10

^DAVID if you are reading this can we have a discussion on the forums about possible getting this going? I know this was probably discussed before and its probably the last thing on your mind right now, but it would be some gig to get done.

Type08 said on Mar. 03 '10

We will now use this Raja's piece to discuss the book... It will gain more than 100... And definitely get into the book! ;) Smart move Rajaman! ;)

Type08 said on Mar. 03 '10

To add... LOGOPOND BOOK IS A MUST! IT WAS A MUST LIKE 2 YEARS AGO! AND IT IS A MUST MUST TODAY! End of discussion... The rest of the moves is 'only' to find the way how to get things done IMO, question of the book is not a question at all... :)

mcdseven said on Mar. 03 '10

I think the selection process should be what ever is or was in the gallery, would you guys refine it to just working logos or for fun / I was in whatever mood logos? Or to be fair logos with over 20/30 floats.

Anyway I'll set up a thread in the forums please guys respond.

raja said on Apr. 29 '10

does this count as a float?


mcdseven said on Apr. 30 '10

^that counts a 3 floats

raja said on May. 04 '10

ha - they are cuttin it close

mcdseven said on May. 05 '10

^great stuff!

raja said on May. 06 '10

www.EdgeStudio.in have been notified via email today.

OcularInk said on May. 06 '10

^ Man, your logos get around...if ya know what I'm sayin.

myway999 said on May. 06 '10

raja, that is wonderful ambigram!

raja said on May. 27 '10

ocularink, lol, I'm not the only one being loghoe'd

thanks myway999

JF said on May. 27 '10

Good lord, they really did a number on your design. Sad. Not only did they rip it, but...they effectively massacred it as well. Looks repulsive now, not as graceful as the original you made. Plus. it looks like they used some crazy flash template. Bad English too; they sound ignorant. Too bad.

They're still using the logo as of today; they didn't take it down.

I'd sue the hell out of them, if I were you. If you've got those resources, that is. Good luck!

oski said on Jul. 18 '10

Superb typo!

raja said on Jul. 21 '10

at JF, haha yea, I hear you. Can't be bothered these days..I say wait till they are big, then get them.

Thanks oski!

raja said on Sep. 04 '10

thank you graphiste

mabu said on Sep. 19 '10

How did i miss this one? Fantastic work my man.

raja said on Sep. 21 '10

thanks mabu - I almost typed your twitter ID haha

raja said on Sep. 22 '10

Ha maybe - I was just making word-art those days - but thanks

NotoriousDesign said on Sep. 22 '10


raja said on Nov. 07 '10

thanks NotoriousDesign!

Jedah Doma said on Jan. 19 '11

I love how your eye is able to read "EDGE" without so much as a hiccup. A good ambigram is hard to pull off. Kudos sir.

raja said on Feb. 01 '11

Thank you Jedah

Type and Signs said on Oct. 09 '11

max awesomeness!

raja said on Nov. 06 '11

thanks T&S

mistershot said on Oct. 17 '13


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