by florisvoorveld • Uploaded: Oct. 26 '09
Gallerized Oct. '09 da4d2f0ceae4dc4bfd4c4cf1c6970c90.png

Description: I know there are some like these, but this idea was stuck in my head and needed to get out.

*update: sold!

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ALL4LEO said on Oct. 26 '09


logomotive said on Oct. 26 '09

way to get it out.

javaap said on Oct. 26 '09

That looks great man!

Momentummagazine said on Oct. 26 '09

A little inspiration from a certain someone...? Anyway, I like it.

ga_design said on Oct. 26 '09

Simply wonderful.

lundeja said on Oct. 26 '09

Haha I love the description

epsilon said on Oct. 26 '09

Ohhh .. the sequel that doesn't suck. This is really nice, dude.

m1sternoname said on Oct. 27 '09

@Jared I wanted to save you the effort... then again there are some similar, but as far as I know there aren't any like this

oh and thanks everyone :)

lundeja said on Oct. 27 '09

Hehe nah this is my favorite UP logo I've seen I think. Surprisingly legible and a wonderful use of negative space.

nido said on Oct. 27 '09

wow!... awesome!... bikini $25!...

m1sternoname said on Oct. 27 '09

yeah, and look at those sunglasses.. wow!

satya said on Oct. 27 '09

This is superb - like it. :)

camilorendon said on Oct. 27 '09

Is a very good synthesys. excellent!
I wish you see my showcase and write some words. Thanks!

fensonjeremy said on Oct. 27 '09

It's pretty cool. Though I wonder what's the concept behind it.

cseven said on Oct. 27 '09

Nice one Floris!

esotericsean said on Oct. 27 '09


avirto said on Oct. 28 '09

This is greaty. Really really love it. It is really awesome job I love negative space:)

m1sternoname said on Oct. 28 '09

thank you peeps

gold coast website design said on Oct. 28 '09

At first it's like what the? Then it becomes very clear and smacks you in the face like a wet fish.

hellonemo said on Oct. 30 '09

i finally realized what is the concept after i see the bigger version, awesome!

michaelynch said on Nov. 06 '09

I love it.

trofdot said on Jan. 30 '10

Easy cool!

NotoriousDesign said on Sep. 22 '10

very nice

m1sternoname said on Sep. 23 '10

Thank you all :D

paulneelam said on Jun. 19 '11

this is simply superb man... loved it

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