by michaelspitz • Uploaded: Sep. 18 '09

Description: Ok. Are you ready for this...?

Jewish Deli...with a Tokyo Twist...


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logoboom said on Sep. 18 '09

That's funny.

epsilon said on Sep. 18 '09

Hehehe .. good one

michaelspitz said on Sep. 19 '09

@logoboom & epsilon - Ha! Thanks a lot guys!

boycanfly said on Sep. 26 '09

Its kinda funny because half of my reaction was W.T.F., the other half understood perfectly. I love that the of thousands of designs I see someone can still come up with something so original. Nice work.

michaelspitz said on Sep. 28 '09

@boycanfly - Thanks so much for the excellent comment!! You made my day! CHEERS!! :)

xmadenyux said on Jan. 02 '10

awesome! :)

alexanderspliid said on Jan. 02 '10

If you make the "slize" the other way, it would form some sort a S-shape???

michaelspitz said on Jan. 03 '10

@xmadenyux - Thanks a lot! Much appreciated! :)

@alexanderspliid - Not quite sure I understand what you're saying...but if I do, I think in fact the mark is already doing what you're proposing? (As it stands now, the bread already forms an 'S' via the current slice) Were it to be reversed, I think we'd end up with more of a 'Z'... Feel free to drop me an update if you think I might have misunderstood. Thanks for the comment!

nido said on Jan. 13 '10

hah... clever...

michaelspitz said on Jan. 13 '10

@nido - Thanks! :)

T√łmme said on Feb. 24 '10

hmm, thought i floated this a loooong time ago. Anyways, keep up the great works mate, you have a stunning portfolio

michaelspitz said on Feb. 24 '10

@TÝmme - ^Thanks again Thomas, I really appreciate it!!
And definitely, right back at you my man...love your work!

devey said on Mar. 09 '10

Very clever!

michaelspitz said on Mar. 17 '10

@devey - Thanks a lot! :)

bilebo said on Apr. 08 '10

haha funneh! like the sword details in the type too!

michaelspitz said on Apr. 09 '10

@bilebo - Ha! Thanks a bunch! I love when people catch that! ;)

BTW - Totally digging your new ID! I've been out of town for about a month so I haven't had time to make the usual comment rounds. Rest assured they're a'commin..!

Thanks again for the comment! :)

simpatix said on Feb. 04 '13

Nice, and happy!

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