by Rokac • Uploaded: Aug. 24 '09
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Description: Logo for a company that deals with testing web sites and optimizing them to operate in different browsers.
The symbol represents a letter "B" and a ribbon to symbolize the time ("era" from the name of company).

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Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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!mude said on Aug. 24 '09

Looks good

tass said on Aug. 24 '09

This is AWESOME!

Art Machine said on Aug. 24 '09

Great concept. Though I feel that the "ribbon" could be thicker since the counter seems to be too overwhelming. Or maybe a narrower B would do the trick.

Rokac said on Aug. 25 '09

Thank you !mude, tass and Art Machine!
Also I appreciate your suggestions Art Machine. I'm on the job:)

Rokac said on Aug. 25 '09

Thank you lefty!

MomentumMagazine said on Sep. 05 '09

Very nice looking.

Rokac said on Sep. 06 '09

Thanks Joe!

hyperborea said on May. 26 '10

You're getting famous!

vernics said on May. 26 '10

Great Mark :)

hyperborea said on May. 26 '10

The concept indeed is the same, rainbow ribbon...but I'm sure that rokac is not a copycat. Pure coincidence if you ask me. Overall-browsera is a cool logo.

Rokac said on May. 26 '10

Thanks for the gallery spot David. Yes, I agree about the mark, but I can assure you that I haven't seen that logo before. Coincidence.
Given that the logo from Alexis was uploaded before mine you can remove "Browsera" from the gallery, plenty of great stuff from others here on Pond that deserves the front page. I got my 5 minutes of glory:)
Andrej my friend thanks for your support!
Cheers vernics:)

damaraputra said on May. 26 '10

very love it. well done mate

lumo said on May. 26 '10

It's different and I like it. nice.

gorz said on May. 26 '10

Cool logo!

sbj said on May. 26 '10

i also like it & its different..

bigoodis said on May. 26 '10

Nice work man!

Rokac said on May. 26 '10

damaraputra, lumo, gorz and sbj, thank you good people!

Rokac said on May. 26 '10

Cheers Ivan..Btw love your work:)

myway999 said on May. 26 '10

very smart, congrats!

ethereal said on May. 26 '10

I remember this one, always liked it.

topicha said on May. 26 '10

nice one. like it

Rokac said on May. 26 '10

thanks a bunch you guys!

fnkfrsh said on May. 26 '10

that's rock

jayden said on May. 26 '10

nice man!

Rokac said on May. 27 '10

fnkfrsh, jayden

sainteve said on May. 28 '10

very modern. super like it mate

Rokac said on May. 29 '10

Cheers sainteve!

Evdd said on Jun. 02 '10

this is looking great dude, nice

Rokac said on Jun. 03 '10

^Thanks Evandro!

folkupaul said on Jul. 16 '10

Oh yes, wonderful "B"!

Rokac said on Aug. 04 '10

Thank you folkupaul:)

!mude said on Aug. 04 '10

Hmm, guess I never floated this one. Still looking good :)

Rokac said on Aug. 05 '10

Thanks Dennis:)

Bernd said on Apr. 05 '11

very cool work !!

Rokac said on Apr. 08 '11

Cheers Bernd!

contrast8 said on Apr. 08 '11

Yeah this one is killer:)

Rokac said on Apr. 09 '11

Deividas, my good man, thanks a lot:)

Bernd said on Apr. 15 '11

this is really great !!

Rokac said on Apr. 17 '11

Thanks again mr. Bernd!:)

brslv said on Sep. 09 '11

Lovely one.. I love the colors and the overall form. Keep it up :)

Rokac said on Sep. 27 '11

Cheers Borislav.

jands said on Nov. 06 '11

this is classic !

Rokac said on Nov. 06 '11

Thanks Jands!

Jo0zek said on Dec. 08 '11

crazy colors !

robinssoncravents said on Jan. 30 '12

Great logo

Rokac said on Apr. 22 '12

Joozek, Robinsson, thanks a lot guys!

acmark said on Apr. 30 '12

love this!

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