Evolution X

by felro • Uploaded: Jul. 21 '09
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Description: LOGO for Evolution X. Logo shows the process of evolution of the letter X.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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luiz_adelino said on Jul. 21 '09

great concept

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 21 '09

simply love it :)

felro said on Jul. 21 '09

Thanks guys! I'll try helvetica.

szalaypeti said on Jul. 22 '09

great idea! there are no enought space between the "x"s, i think. This disturb me a little. Did you try with a rounded font yet?

felro said on Jul. 23 '09

Thanks, i'll look into that thanks man!

JohnM said on Jul. 26 '09


alterego said on Jul. 27 '09

clear :)

Tømme said on Jul. 27 '09

i like it but to be honest it reminds me a lot of this one: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/61929

felro said on Jul. 27 '09

Thanks guys

@ Tomme - That's fine. I guess you can say the concept is similar. Illustrating the process of something growing from beginning to end. Thanks dude.

dbunk said on Jul. 27 '09


bosh said on Jul. 27 '09

This is awesome - really nice idea and well executed.

goodfella2903 said on Jul. 27 '09


felro said on Jul. 27 '09

Thanks, you guys are awesome.

LordDrk said on Jul. 29 '09


amazing logo with great expression.

I love it :P

felro said on Jul. 29 '09

Thanks LordDrk, I appreciate it.

2ccreative said on Jul. 29 '09

Very well done! PERFECT execution!

genocide said on Jul. 29 '09

it's a very awesome possum logo. keep up the good work.

i'll see you at nationals.

felro said on Jul. 29 '09

thanks guys

pablodt said on Jul. 30 '09

great work!

felro said on Jul. 30 '09

Thanks Pablo!

fresko said on Jul. 30 '09

Nice idea, I love it!

evoxmedia said on Jul. 30 '09

See the problem with this logo is that it came to my attention as it is MY logo just with a different typeface for the x... TAKE IT DOWN thief. www.evolutionxmedia.com (it has been on the domain for almost 6 months) and was on evoxmedia.com for over 2 years!

felro said on Jul. 30 '09

LMAO I made that logo with that type a while back. And I put it on brandstack a while back and took it off and changed the font on the X. You got balls taking my logo and coming on here saying it's yours man.

felro said on Jul. 30 '09

lundeja said on Jul. 30 '09

"http://www.whois.net/whois/evoxmedia.com":http://www.whois.net/whois/evoxmedia.com >> whois says this domain "evoxmedia.com" (which you claim to have owned for 2 years) has been in the possession of Paul Biava since 2001. I believe your name is Nick Sloggett, evoxmedia. I would say you just screwed your case and proved yourself to be a plagiarist.

firebrand said on Jul. 31 '09


McGuire Design said on Aug. 02 '09

Nice work Felro!

deje said on Aug. 21 '09

Like russian %u0425%u0423%u0419

carlove said on Aug. 21 '09

So it is, if rotate 180° :0) very funny

oski said on Aug. 25 '09

Superb job!! :)

jp arevalo said on Sep. 17 '09

Good concept.

mjkl said on Sep. 29 '09


motionforward said on Nov. 17 '09

Hey Mates any way we can delete the comment about n.s. and I have not a clue who the silly chump stole whos logo... but I live in Aus. and I just had a potential client check this out and lost him as a client. so delete asap please

felro said on Nov. 20 '09

no clue what you just said...

wiking said on Nov. 20 '09

I think he's referring to lundeja's comment about the name Nick Sloggett (n.s. in motionforward's post).

felro said on Dec. 01 '09

Point is that he steals other peoples work...

impodster said on Mar. 08 '10

One of my all time favorites on this site.

felro said on Mar. 18 '10

thanks man =)

logopunk said on May. 10 '10

really like the concept - slick!!

chirag patel said on Jun. 08 '10

g8 concept

felro said on Jun. 09 '10

Thanks for looking gentlemen :?)

JoePrince said on Jun. 09 '10

Thought I floated this a long time ago, great concept Felipe.

felro said on Jun. 09 '10

hahah thanks man

ApN said on Jun. 10 '10

I just came across this thread.... pretty interesting. I have to say, I'm pretty certain the "motionforward" profile is same Nick Sloggett as "evoxmedia," but posted a request to take the comment down after he lost some freelance work from this thread.

With that said, this is an awesome logo Felro! Gorgeously simple.

JoePrince said on Oct. 22 '10

Hey Felipe, just got an email from Andrej (hyperborea) that my personal mark was being ripped off. Also noticed one of yours on their...here's the link: http://www.elance.com/samples/png/24124057/#posSlide

MichaelSmith said on Nov. 17 '10

A great logo here %u2013 shame about the copy cat who try to steal it with its dirty paws!

felro said on Dec. 24 '10

thanks guys and thanks joeprince, but it's w.e to me...

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