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Description: Brand I made a couple of days ago. My inspiration was the horrible weather we've been having, for the past two weeks, here in New Jersey. This is a fun mark and I enjoyed very much making it. LOOK CLOSELY and you can see the word "Rain" in the rain.

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sdijock said on Jun. 26 '09

Cool. I'm from Mt. Olive, NJ and I'm pretty tired of the rain too. What part are you from?

felro said on Jun. 26 '09

Thanks guys, North Bergen, NJ. hollaa

rudy hurtado said on Jun. 26 '09

Perfect!... I'm going to get some of that here today.

felro said on Jun. 26 '09

yea that seems to be the case Houston lol. When I made PunchQuotes, my inspiration was my first MMA match. Thanks Rudy Hurtadoo! I appreciate the love guys thanks a bunch.

felro said on Jun. 28 '09

thanks mr white!

cseven said on Jun. 28 '09

This would work here in New Zealand too. Nice one.

felro said on Jul. 23 '09

haha, true. Thanks for the comments guys

jeropp said on Aug. 25 '09

saw it straight away...nice job

epsilon said on Aug. 25 '09

felro said on Aug. 25 '09

wow that's awesome

felro said on Aug. 25 '09

Thanks guyss!

javaap said on Sep. 21 '09

Cool stuff!!

Type08 said on Apr. 14 '10

Yeah, for 6 days straight already... Hate it...

felro said on Apr. 14 '10

Oh sweet this got featured, i'll drink to that.

agingersnaps said on Apr. 14 '10

This is great! Love the digital feel of the rain.

cjmdesign said on Apr. 14 '10

Reminds me of the awesome bright and sunny 72 degree day I had today. Cool idea!

ga_design said on Apr. 15 '10

Boom! This is nice.

Lecart said on Apr. 15 '10

I love the rain.

felro said on Apr. 15 '10

Thank you all for the love

milou said on Apr. 15 '10


fanhua said on Apr. 15 '10

Really cool design:)

felro said on Apr. 16 '10

thank you both guys =?)

krinimal said on Apr. 17 '10

Saw the rain straight away! love it :)

felro said on Apr. 17 '10

Thank you both. I wasn't expecting that many floats, so again thanks to everyone who floated this design. =?)


hanuman shakti said on Apr. 18 '10

amazing felro

felro said on Apr. 18 '10

Thanks buddy =?)

streetline said on Apr. 19 '10

love love love it. ah. so simple and refreshing.
isn't it funny how so often the best proposals end up 'unused'?..

felro said on Apr. 19 '10

That's really fantastic to hear Streetline. The great responses from my fellow designers is what really keeps me going. So again I say thank you, I'm glad you like it =?)

Logo Design Monster said on Apr. 20 '10

I think it is a really nice touch that you managed to incorporate the letters within the rain.

Hayes Image said on Apr. 20 '10

"I think it is a really nice touch that you managed to incorporate the letters within the rain."

I've never noticed that...(turns head back towards his plate & shuts his mouth...)

Hayes Image said on Apr. 20 '10

*It's even in your description too 0_0 ...Don't mind me...

aliather said on Apr. 20 '10

Very simple loved it :)

felro said on Apr. 20 '10

Thanks guys, you're all awesome

sbdesign said on Apr. 21 '10

It's realy cool

Mikael said on Apr. 22 '10

Great, the one thing I'm wondering 'bout is whether it's going to work b/w the same way.

felro said on Apr. 26 '10

Thanks guys, idk I haven't tried it yet.

Space said on Apr. 28 '10

Nice idea :)

felro said on Apr. 30 '10

floats keep comin...thanks a bunch dudes

s carducci said on May. 23 '10

I LOVE it!

felro said on May. 27 '10

Thanks carducci

felro said on Dec. 17 '11

88 floats, fantastico!

felro said on Jan. 10 '12

9 moree :O

felro said on Jun. 21 '12

6 more O_o

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