by Mariano • Uploaded: Jun. 24 '09
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Description: film icon people in front of the projection screen

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: moviesitprojectionscreenhut

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OcularInk said on Jun. 24 '09

That is an awesome idea!

epsilon said on Jun. 24 '09

Very nice indeed. I think three squares and a hat would work as well.

ethereal said on Jun. 24 '09

Nice! Love the simple type too.

fatalis said on Jun. 24 '09

Coolness, a fave for sure.

alterego said on Jun. 24 '09

just clever ...:)

puffmoike said on Jun. 25 '09

Love the concept and almost all of the execution. Just not sure about the 'evolution' from the square to the hat.

Did you try using four 'heads'? Or three squares and a hat?

mariano said on Jun. 25 '09

Thanks for your opinion, guys! Yes, I`ll try with 3 squares and a hat...

mariano said on Jun. 25 '09

Much better! thanks!

juanjos said on Jun. 25 '09

t quedo buenisima marian!! aunque la otra tmbien estaba linda tmb.

mariano said on Jun. 25 '09

Gracias Juanjo! abrazo grande.

Siah-Design said on Jun. 25 '09

awesome :D

Type08 said on Jun. 25 '09

Yep, very good!

Brandsimplicity said on Jun. 25 '09

Perfect,very clever!

dbunk said on Jun. 25 '09


nido said on Sep. 16 '09

love the dudes hat!... awesome... gives the whole thing real depth...

micflores said on Mar. 04 '10


matjak said on Sep. 08 '10

Love it. Nicely done : )

azdesign said on Sep. 08 '10

excellent idea!

lumo said on Sep. 08 '10


engar said on Sep. 08 '10

I really can't begin to explain how much I love this. Just GREAT!

andreiu said on Sep. 09 '10

this really belongs to gallery!

hyperborea said on Sep. 09 '10

it is great but does anyone think this was done before?

dado said on Sep. 09 '10

ha! i love it!

icu said on Sep. 09 '10

yes, this is one of those great ideas

raja said on Sep. 09 '10

nice work Mariano - the men without hats , they can dance if they want to

michaelspitz said on Sep. 10 '10

Ha! Very clever ;)

logomotive said on Sep. 10 '10

@ hyperborea , yes I thought the same thing.

roberto norelli said on Nov. 12 '10


sandrosandro said on Jan. 06 '11

Great mark, maybe typography is a bit too thin.

midgar said on Mar. 09 '11


anayansee said on Nov. 17 '12

I super love it!

effendy said on Nov. 18 '12

Oh! I'm late here. Superb!

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