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by andreiu • Uploaded: Jun. 23 '09
Gallerized Oct. '09 9b3dd744010c0677f23c73cef1fa21d5.png

Description: The symbol is a mouse pointer illustrated as a spaceplane, suggesting the idea of speed / fastness / etc.

Status: Student work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: spacespaceplaneplanerocketspeed

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S.Aslan said on Jun. 23 '09

nice i like it

andreiu said on Jun. 23 '09

thanks aslan! :D

Type08 said on Jun. 23 '09

Nice execution Andreiu!

MomentumMagazine said on Jun. 23 '09

Awesome idea! I love it!

cseven said on Jun. 23 '09

Good idea and well executed.

andreiu said on Jun. 23 '09

thanks a lot guys! :D

S.Aslan said on Jun. 23 '09

paper, illustrator maybe ;)

JohnM said on Jun. 23 '09

This is bloody brilliant!

andreiu said on Jun. 23 '09

@mr.white: i hope it will end up there, too! :D
@mr.white & @aslan: the program i use is Xara Xtreme Pro.
@JohnM & @Locomotion: thnaks very much guys for the kind words.
@nima.jazireh: thanks for your constant support Nima! :)

gyui said on Jun. 24 '09

wow, that rocket looks really good, nice job andreiu!

Tømme said on Jun. 24 '09

very s(l)ick :)

thewebster said on Jun. 27 '09

this is sooo sweet! would like to see it in higher resolution. the type works great too.

andreiu said on Jun. 28 '09

thnaks guys!
@mr.white: it didn't make it.. :P

andreiu said on Jun. 28 '09

hmm... shall i remove the smoke?

Type08 said on Jul. 28 '09

Andreiu! I have featured your logo in my article: http://creativityden.com/author/type08 (and many others on the subject) :)

andreiu said on Jul. 28 '09

thanks a lot Alen. You've made a great selection! :D

Type08 said on Jul. 29 '09

Andreiu, welcome and thanks! :)

oski said on Sep. 04 '09

Nice nice nice!

birofunk said on Oct. 07 '09

great mark, love the combination!

gvandoni said on Oct. 07 '09

Very clever!

Chad Sanderson said on Oct. 07 '09

Absolutely perfect use of gradients subtlety. Great work!

Alisa1711 said on Oct. 10 '09

Wonderful (-:

mathiew said on Oct. 11 '09

love the font .. love the colors .. .wouldn't change a thing .. great job =)

!mude said on Oct. 11 '09


!mude said on Oct. 11 '09


andreiu said on Oct. 11 '09

many thanks to everyone, and thanks David for the gallery spot! :D

danzeel said on Oct. 12 '09

hmm good company name
so many ideas will be realise with mouse coursour. :)
that ia a shatl?

dhalarewich said on Oct. 15 '09

I think this logo is really cool. Simple concept, and great execution.
I wonder if the gradient could be supplemented for negative space to create a simpler version for print or really small scale situations?

Nice job. floaterrrrrr

andreiu said on Oct. 16 '09

lol l-bpyc!

VB Design said on Mar. 13 '10

Oh this is so good!Like it !

ourstu said on Apr. 11 '10


logopunk said on May. 10 '10

I like it, but I can't help but see a stingray :D

philipbrunner said on Aug. 10 '10


tass said on Sep. 04 '10

Hey, i've just discovered this, so cool man! Congrats on the great works you do!

deiv said on Sep. 07 '10

sick works in your logofolio.... love them all, Andrei! You have crazy imagination and more crazy hands of doing this! really good! better than good, what can i say.... :)

andreiu said on Jun. 30 '11

^ nope Alex..

jquery said on Mar. 27 '12

Awesome logo !!

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