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by andreiu • Uploaded: May. 26 '09
Gallerized May. '09 fbf291f80df8357943913f48391fbd46.png

Description: I only used the first 2 letters of the name to create the face of an owl! In use by client.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: dbbdflybird

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ko said on May. 26 '09

woot! woot! I think we have a winner here! Very nice, keep up the great work!

andreiu said on May. 26 '09

thank you ko! :D

patentico said on May. 26 '09


rudy hurtado said on May. 26 '09

Looks really cool!

cseven said on May. 26 '09

Nicely done!

cerise said on May. 26 '09

Excellent use of shapes

alterego said on May. 26 '09

very good

andreiu said on May. 26 '09

thanks you guys! :D

andreiu said on May. 27 '09

thanks nima. much appreciated!

BK said on May. 27 '09

sweeeeet...good job!

tass said on May. 27 '09

very nice! i like especially the little details between the "eyes".

jerron said on May. 27 '09

Very clever way to use the initials.

Brandsimplicity said on May. 28 '09


andreiu said on May. 28 '09

thanks a lot guys! i'm just upset this is only an idea.. i would have liked to use it somewhere.

basaran said on May. 28 '09


OcularInk said on May. 28 '09

Great idea, Andrei. And implemented very well.

andreiu said on May. 28 '09

thanks a lot OcularInk! :D

tao said on May. 28 '09

Too bad this logo will not be used. This would be my logo if I had a company name like this! Fantastic work!

fmk said on May. 28 '09

great work andy!!

digitalmacabre said on May. 28 '09

i like logos with idea :) - GW

bosh said on May. 28 '09

Genius - really... very very good!.

flamaster said on May. 28 '09


andreiu said on May. 28 '09

woow! thanks for all the support guys! :D

influxes said on May. 28 '09


gold coast website design said on May. 28 '09

Really like this one.

mabu said on May. 28 '09

Awesome dude!

albyantoniazzi said on May. 29 '09

simple and cool

rosiesp said on May. 29 '09

sweeet. I'm loving this mark

andreiu said on May. 30 '09

many thanks again for all of you guys! :d

fenetre said on Jun. 02 '09

nice logo! good job...dude

davido said on Jun. 05 '09

great! well played with letter

fabulario said on Jun. 12 '09

great job!

Fluena said on Jul. 01 '09

Great logo. Smart drawing. Good atmosphere. Well done!

Ethanol_ColdFlame said on Jul. 09 '09

nice piece of work !!

lehelmor said on Aug. 10 '09

fain asta ;)

oski said on Sep. 04 '09

This is fantastic!

magicshadow said on Nov. 26 '09

great work :)

andreiu said on Feb. 18 '10

lots of thanks, guys!

dutt said on May. 20 '10

Amazing... Good job mate!!!

vernics said on Apr. 12 '11

Brilliant concept Andrei!

karmakazi said on Apr. 16 '11

terrific mark. good work.

pinkcheese said on Jun. 25 '12

Love it!

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