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by lepshey • Uploaded: May. 21 '09
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mcfluff said on May. 21 '09


chirp said on May. 21 '09

The type is an excellent choice for the illustration. Very corporate!

rudy hurtado said on May. 21 '09

Love the playfulness yet corporate balance on this logo, well done.

logomotive said on May. 21 '09

I like how you captured an S and a G in the mark. This looks nice.

baton45 said on May. 22 '09


grigoriou said on May. 23 '09

this is pretty bada$$.

i defintiely didnt see a G here, only an S, but i really dont care. its great.

Terry Bogard said on May. 23 '09

Yea..G is subtle...I can see the elements are purposfully rotated a little more to reveal a hint of G.

kanchanrp said on May. 25 '09

great logo

dannygdammit said on May. 26 '09

This is very nice.. but something about that line is very distracting- it feels foreign.. but that may be personal.. nice job!

sethetter said on May. 26 '09

This is great. Love the font, and colors. Good work!

gorz said on May. 26 '09

uhhhh, molodchina!!!

raja said on May. 27 '09

sweet logo lepshey!

i had done something similar a few years back http://rajasandhu.com/images/logos/strunet.jpg . But I really like what you did here.

gold coast website design said on May. 28 '09

Stunning logo. Super job.

S.Aslan said on May. 29 '09

Nice Colors

H. said on May. 30 '09

PERFECT - only small thing to correct, take a look at the green and how that would turn in cmyk, because I had recently the same problem with a client wanting THAT green and it couldn't be printed properly. Anyway, changing to cmyk the logo ain't effected and does not lost its strenght. Great!

evaanno said on May. 31 '09

nice design I like the color

fray12 said on Jun. 05 '09

a esli znak nemnogo povernut protiv 4asovoy 4tobi bolee yavno S 4itala ... ?

grafixidea said on Aug. 21 '09

lovely colors

reinhardt1053 said on Jan. 28 '10

Nice logo, how can i contact you?

lepshey said on Apr. 29 '11

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