by InkwillDesign • Uploaded: May. 08 '09
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Description: Logo for web design firm


As seen on: beecreativestudios.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: antennaehoneystripystripedsting

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OcularInk said on May. 08 '09

Great use of negative space. This is very well done.

firebrand said on May. 08 '09

I agree... a great bee icon.

rudy hurtado said on May. 08 '09

Alberto just checked your showcase, you have great work! nice work on the B.

William © 2009 said on May. 08 '09

Thank you, guys! Coming from such talented designers, I'm really flattered!

tconrad said on May. 08 '09

wow, very impressed. this is hot. great mark. it has wonderful movement to it. and the form is slick and the eye/head is a great shape. well done.

logoboom said on May. 08 '09


andreiu said on May. 08 '09

nice job :)

oronoz ® said on May. 08 '09

Love it!

cseven said on May. 08 '09

Superb - it really stands out.

logomotive said on May. 08 '09

Nice job William.

dbunk said on May. 09 '09

B-eautiful B-ee

Muamer said on May. 09 '09

:B cool!

William © 2009 said on May. 09 '09

Thank you very much for your kind comments, I really appreciate them!

onewake said on May. 11 '09

Do you do freelance work? I didn't see any contact information on your profile and wanted to see if you could update it. I love this design!

William © 2009 said on May. 11 '09

You can contact me at williamdezign@gmail.com =)

mabu said on May. 11 '09


Brandsimplicity said on May. 11 '09

Very nice mate.

ricebean said on May. 11 '09

Nice icon, man..congrats!!

sebastiany said on May. 11 '09

Great work!!

BigAl67 said on May. 11 '09

Ditto all the compliments.

koodoz said on May. 11 '09


janzabransky said on May. 12 '09

B my fav

Mason Roberts said on May. 12 '09

Fantastic, I can see this mark really working for your future project, whatever that may be! Great work!

jenlogo said on May. 14 '09

Nicely done!

bocoloco said on May. 16 '09

very ncie

EmiliuS said on May. 17 '09

Well done! I really like this logo!

loonyraven said on May. 18 '09

I%u2018m loving ist although!

dpb said on May. 24 '09

I visualize the letter E and B, very applicable to Honey Bee industry if it has a light yellow gold droplet image background. I like it.

felro said on Jul. 29 '09

too cool =)

alvaro de oleo said on Aug. 09 '09

i love it!

William © 2009 said on Oct. 15 '09

I just got the terrible news that this logo was plagiarized in China. I'm really on the verge of tears.

http://www.zhubajie.com/task/tl/153042">Click here and scroll down.

firebrand said on Oct. 15 '09

That's terrible. Even worse when you've got the language barrier to contend with.

!mude said on Oct. 15 '09

Argh, that does suck. Awesome work btw.

William © 2009 said on Oct. 15 '09

Oh geez! I'm on the verge of a heart attack!!! Now she says that SHE IS WILLIAM and on top of that, she has uploaded some "proofs". Geez!!! Take a look:

http://p13.freep.cn/p.aspx?u=v20_p13_p_0910132149281213_0.png" />

http://p13.freep.cn/p.aspx?u=v20_p13_p_0910132149271999_0.png" />

http://p13.freep.cn/p.aspx?u=v20_p13_p_0910132149272342_0.png" />

epsilon said on Oct. 15 '09

Proof my ass.

OcularInk said on Oct. 15 '09

Anyone one with little skills in Photoshop can provide that proof! Bogus!!

logomotive said on Oct. 15 '09

^Ha Proof, more like MS Paint. Sorry to hear this William. Epsilon is working on something to help fight this stuff.

William © 2009 said on Oct. 16 '09

What is it about, Epsilon?

epsilon said on Oct. 16 '09

@william, I meant that this sort of evidence can be crafted in MS Paint in under 60 seconds.

epsilon said on Oct. 16 '09

lol, mike .. ms paint, i see you too prefer simple tools

megashred13 said on Nov. 03 '09

http://creattica.com/logos/adorable-bees-baby-wear/1956 this looks prety close...might be a rip of your logo???

William © 2009 said on Nov. 03 '09

Besides it's a black bee on an amber background, I don't see other strong similarity, my friend. Thanks for your comment.

Beehome said on Mar. 18 '10

Hey William...

Is this logo available to sell??

Could you try to compose it as Beehome?

saltshaker911 said on Apr. 24 '10

William © 2009 said on Apr. 24 '10

Thank you, saltshaker. I reported it a while ago but 99designs replied to me saying that "...although they are similar, on further examination we have found that it is not a violation." And it's obvious that the client is really happy with his new awesome logo.

alexanderspliid said on Apr. 24 '10

^ jeez, those sons of..%&/"#)!/"

ethereal said on Apr. 24 '10

Oh, my god, those fu^$$*(@@ @##$%)(# 3#$$$ asses!

logomotive said on Apr. 24 '10

That's ashame. They seem to ignor saltshakers comment. Cleary a rip

William © 2009 said on Apr. 24 '10

By the way, Mike, I saw your Sew Perfect logo in another 99designs contest last Tuesday.

brandsimplicity said on Apr. 24 '10

Its such a shame and sham how they deal with copyright breaches!

logomotive said on Apr. 24 '10

It's something to Really think about for ANY designer contributing to these contests. Don't support them.

gary said on Apr. 24 '10

sad, the design is exactly the same, but yours is much more better and solid and look lifely! curse them!!!!

firebrand said on Apr. 25 '10

If you see a rip on 99designs, don't bother with the REPORT button because it usually results in the stock reply: "on further examination we have found that it is not a violation" Just link to both logos on Twitter and Facebook and use the power of social networking to spread the word. They really don't like that kind of publicity.

I agree with you Mike.

William © 2009 said on Mar. 04 '11

This one got ripped off twice yesterday. I'm starting to think that it's more famous than my good ole friend..... Wunderkiddo!! :D

bluescue said on Mar. 06 '11

Hi William,

What is the name of the design firm that uses this design? Im just curious because I saw a very similar one using this.

Great design by the way! AWESOME!!


Inkwill Design said on Aug. 05 '11

Hey, Blue, sorry for this late response. Here is their site: http://beecreativestudios.com/

Inkwill Design said on Aug. 05 '11

Oh, and the Queen Bees :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glMpekQacP4

Artgeko said on Sep. 29 '11

A great sign!

iSope said on Mar. 24 '12

So this one would also "bee" (sorry for the bad pun..) a copy, or is it your work ?

aniketbanthia said on Feb. 06 '13

Amazing design. Loved it. Can I buy this from you? How much will this cost?

brammoolenaar said on Feb. 06 '13

^ Can't you read?

Description: Logo for web design firm.
Status: Client work

firebrand said on Feb. 06 '13

^LOL! Should have gone to Specsavers.

Inkwill Design said on Feb. 25 '13

LOL, guys!

(Ha, yes, iSope. Another rip-off...)

tabithakristen said on Oct. 24 '13

This Twitter account just favorited a tweet of mine and I immediately recognized the logo as yours with small changes. This isn't your client right? https://twitter.com/Buzzdron :(

Inkwill Design said on Oct. 26 '13

You're right, Tabitha. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe they hired a designer that stole the concept...?

noelia said on Dec. 17 '13

love the idea you put in it. btw i found a copy of your logo at https://www.freelancer.com/contest/viewentry.php?project_id=51105&entry_id=2172266

usider said on Aug. 11 '15

Hi. I like your ideas. I need to have a logo and an icon. can you send me an email ?

rem said on Aug. 27 '15

Nice logo! But what about http://geobuzz.nl? Bee the same logo? Only different eye?

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