Saturn Electronics

by andreiu • Uploaded: Mar. 26 '09
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Description: Logo for an electronic store.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: techtechniccableringplanet

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Muamer said on Mar. 26 '09

This is very nice & clever, Andreiu!

Type08 said on Mar. 26 '09

I agree, although I miss the other half of the ring...

grigoriou said on Mar. 27 '09

oooh me likey

andreiu said on Mar. 27 '09

thank you so much guys!!!
really appreciate your support being a noob round here. :D

Purelogo said on Mar. 27 '09

I agree with Type08, I think adding the other half of the ring would really look good

andreiu said on Mar. 27 '09

thanks Purelogo and Type08. i'll give it a try!
thanks again guys.

esotericsean said on Mar. 27 '09

I don't think it needs the other ring. It's nice and subtle this way. Love it! The type matches perfectly, too :)

bigjerk said on Mar. 27 '09

Other half would be good I think...very cool logo.

Brandsimplicity said on Mar. 28 '09

Great concept!Yes, the other half would really sell it.

alleycat said on Mar. 28 '09

Nice, it almost has a 70's feel, perhaps its the colours. And I don't think it needs the other half of the ring. Understated is sophisticated.

dezinarts said on Mar. 29 '09

No, I don't think it needs the other half of the ring. It's nice and kind of subliminal how it is now. Great work!

cmeyers said on Apr. 03 '09

its not trying to be a picture of saturn, just a subtle reference. the other half is not necessary at all and would make it too obvious in my opinion. great job. it is a bit retro, which is cool if that's the look they want.

andreiu said on Apr. 03 '09

having all these comments, i took the decision: i won't add the other half! :)
thanks of all you guys.

leoramires said on Apr. 09 '09

very style!!!!!!

designabot said on May. 21 '09

this has a really nice feel to it

michaelspitz said on Sep. 01 '09

Very smooth! Love the colors! :)

OcularInk said on Sep. 01 '09

I don't think it needs the other side of the ring either. This is nice and subtle and not overly gimmicky. Works well at just alluding to the Saturn reference.

oski said on Sep. 04 '09

Good stuff!

Rokac said on Jan. 31 '10

I keep coming back to this one. Awesome work Andrei:)

andreiu said on Jan. 31 '10

much appreciated, Roko. thanks for your constant support, mate!

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