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Description: A womens fashion website. Non e-commerce. The concept is three birds making the image of a woman with styled hair wearing a fancy hat, as a representation that fashion is "human plumage".

As seen on: Down With Design

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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fogra said on Mar. 10 '09

Very nice, Gareth. You managed to kill 3 birds with the 1 stone too. I love the type, especially the 'f'.

itsgareth said on Mar. 10 '09

Cheers man, It's a font though, can't take credit for the type, just the match ;)

fogra said on Mar. 10 '09

Yeah, the perfect font choice.

Type08 said on Mar. 10 '09

Beautiful balance, Gareth!

Paul Rand said on Mar. 10 '09

This is a very nice logo.
Well put together with the font choice, colors and illustration.
I can see it working well on their identity system, hang tags and shopping bag.

hindmarshdesign said on Mar. 10 '09

Really beautiful. nice colours and great illustration!

penflare said on Mar. 10 '09

very nice gareth, love the colors

Muamer said on Mar. 10 '09

Very nice & stylish, Gareth!

optimusdesign said on Mar. 10 '09

Very nice, getting a nice 70's feel from this.

alterego said on Mar. 11 '09

great stuff dude...i really love it :)

itsgareth said on Mar. 11 '09

Thank you kindly!

chng! said on Mar. 16 '09

love it whena logo is this crafty, artsy urgh beautifull

nolete said on Mar. 17 '09

the orange bird is the best one... cool logo!

eziemac said on Mar. 17 '09

Very nice, Gareth, well done

gvandoni said on Mar. 17 '09

Sophisticated and fun at the same time. Good job!

tokostyler said on Mar. 17 '09

colors are really good.

tao said on Mar. 19 '09

Nice. I like the font! Good job.

mabu said on Mar. 19 '09

Great balanced colors and good choice of the font. Super job gareth!

gustavocadar said on Mar. 27 '09


andreiu said on Mar. 27 '09

watta nice one! :P

scotth said on Aug. 06 '09

Can you list the typeface please?

kinetic said on Sep. 21 '09

Not making any accusations here, but my friend has a coffee shop in Central Oregon with the same logo mark. I don't know who designed it. See it here... http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/2312663/BOM-DIA-LOGO.jpg

I wonder if this is some old design that a couple people have used for their clients.

logoboom said on Sep. 21 '09

Interesting. And what do you mean "I wonder if this is some old design that a couple people have used for their clients"? That doesn't make sense and wouldn't explain anything. Somebody still created the design and knowing Gareth...my money is on him. Plus his design is much tighter.

itsgareth said on Sep. 21 '09


"I wonder if this is some old design that a couple people have used for their clients." sounds a lot like an accusation to me.

This is 100% my own work. Does your coffee shop have a website? I would very much like to speak to them. Since I'm about 5,000 miles away from Oregon I can't exactly drop in to say hello...

logoholik said on Sep. 21 '09

I bet your friend (the owner of the coffee shop) knows who designed it? Someone got overly inspired here imho...

OcularInk said on Sep. 21 '09

Dang, Gareth. That sucks, dude. Such a great design too. And they butchered it. You can find a phone number for the owner of The Combined Marketplace where the logo was found. It looks like Bom Dia is promoting a gift certificate there. I imagine the owner of The Combined Marketplace website can provide you with some more information on Bom Dia. Worth a shot anyways. Good luck sorting it out.

itsgareth said on Sep. 21 '09

I think it's a case of what came first....the chickens or the smashed egg?

Thanks for the link Kev, I'm looking into it.

JoePrince said on Jan. 17 '10

Hadn't seen this one. Nice Gareth!

Sarito:. said on Apr. 04 '10

I totally love it:..
It is girly:.. with style:.

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