QLink Taxi (Revised & Approved))

by mavric • Uploaded: Jan. 29 '09
Gallerized Jan. '09 e13d1fc18449d475d796d7f8879dff1b.png

Description: This is something that i've uploaded here ages ago but it was circular and some modification took place and the client approved this one, and its there in Abu Dhabi-UAE streets now :)


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mavric said on Jan. 29 '09

This one has it all,
a "Q" --> the link concept --> the feel of taxi --> the light sign that goes on top of the car --> tier in motion --> dash board.


ara_p said on Jan. 31 '09

Heh, looks like a Dalek staring me down. :-)

mavric said on Jan. 31 '09

sorry bud, but didn't understand what "Dalek" means :)

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 31 '09

ah geez...I do know what Dalek means but I'm not going to admit it....wait....

THEArtistT said on Jan. 31 '09

I'm thinking of buying the Dalek helmet for my husband for our anniversary. Yes, this looks just like a Dalek. Now I'll see them as foreign taxi drivers as well. Yeesh!

mavric said on Feb. 01 '09

so its a helmet :) , looks like the one that miners wear?
but hey.. everybody see what they wanna see, right? if you choose to see it as a "Dalek helmet" then its your choice, but I think it stands out as a TAXI mark from the first glance, and its obviously clear ;)


erikatipsum said on Feb. 05 '09

Well mavric I feel like a total nerd saying this but a Dalek is this weird character from Doctor Who in the UK (the nerdiest part is I don't even live in the UK). Now you know ;D

mavric said on Feb. 06 '09

and thanx erikatipsum :)

Relevant, dude looooooool :), THANX INDEED


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