by peclat • Uploaded: Jan. 26 '09
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Description: Simple, clean yet strong mark that could be used for almost all business

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: blackgreycrownstrongmodern

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logoholik said on Jan. 27 '09

perfect! (if not used before - seems such an obvious solution, but do not ring a bell with me)

logoholik said on Jan. 27 '09

^ word.

CynicalKiddo said on Jan. 27 '09

Peclats' "CROWN" is much better

peclat said on Jan. 27 '09

My point wasn't to be unique, but to make the mark a strong and clean concept, it all happened when i was playing with the W typo and sudently i thought "oh this looks like a crown, but a simple and strong one"

peclat said on Jan. 27 '09

Thanks ;).

nexqunyx said on Jan. 27 '09

My crown logo's unique too. LOL

not so obvious but has hidden meaning:)

nexqunyx said on Jan. 27 '09

Yeah I know my logo's crap:)

peclat said on Jan. 27 '09

This one doesnt have a hiddden meaning... :P

Siah-Design said on Jan. 27 '09

very classy - love the simplicity

peclat said on Jan. 27 '09

Thank you Siah!

Farmill said on Jan. 28 '09

The crown reminds me a lot of the armani logo.

penflare said on Jan. 28 '09

@tonfue and nex - LMAO

peclat said on Jan. 28 '09

Well, not for me, Armanis logo is an eagle... I think you guys are missing the point of the feedbacks, right penflare?

imcre8tive said on Feb. 01 '09

Can someone tell me what font was used here please?

morvarid said on Feb. 04 '09

I like your crown more :)

peclat said on Feb. 04 '09

Thanks again morv :)

abgd said on Feb. 13 '09

if i m not mistaken its FUTURA imcre8tive :)
I love love the logo. The kerning is sooo perfect:)
good job


peclat said on Feb. 22 '09

Thanks mate!

seba152 said on Feb. 23 '09


rhodri said on May. 06 '09

Nice and minimal : ) love it

rhodri said on May. 06 '09

by the way is it Gill Sans?

alldesign said on Jun. 24 '09

Absolutely smashing. Love it!!

epicantus said on Dec. 16 '10


kevinvanberg said on May. 11 '11

so simple but perfect!!

designmine said on Mar. 20 '12

This is a fantastic logo! Clean and simple! Love it!

heitorkimura said on Jun. 05 '12

It's not Gill Sans (look at the "n") Futura :D

raskind89 said on Jan. 02 '13

is this logo for a particular client of yours? I am looking for a logo for my company and this looks perfect! please contact me at lee.raskind@gmail.com

caion said on Jul. 10 '13

Totally inspire :D

nolanw said on Apr. 10 '15

Are you still active peclat??

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