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Description: Made in 2007 for an emissions trading company

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epsilon said on Jan. 16 '09

Really cool, I like it a lot.

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 16 '09

Classic ligature monogram.

mavric said on Jan. 16 '09

truly nice execution :)
good job there


logomotive said on Jan. 16 '09


Brandsimplicity said on Jan. 16 '09

Cool,this is nicely done.

janzabransky said on Jan. 17 '09

Very nice but I dont see this style of design as well targeted on enviromentalist organization.

logotomy said on Jan. 17 '09

sweet! well done

bluedog007 said on Jan. 23 '09

Nice. Please contact me at sales@biggersinc.com

szalaypeti said on Jan. 27 '09

Thx to all!

hindmarshdesign said on Jan. 27 '09

Wow. Very smart indeed! great work.

narkeeso said on Jan. 27 '09

Very nice... I kind of glanced right past it and then it hit me...

Siah-Design said on Jan. 27 '09

Love it - works really well!

JMadison said on Jan. 27 '09

Great concept, but since it's for an environmental organization, maybe you could try a more earthy and organic feel. Maybe using striations or a bark-like pattern for the text. Just a thought!

mushkabella said on Jan. 28 '09

Yes, very nice work. I like the simplicity.

ranganath said on Jan. 28 '09


sebastiany said on Jan. 28 '09

just great!!!

penflare said on Jan. 28 '09

really simple and works perfectly, nice job

the critic said on Jan. 28 '09

Seems to be very similar to the logo of:

Foresta Enterprises, as found on Logo Lounge:

design firm - Evok Advertising
designer - Nicol Foresta
client - Foresta Enterprises
creative director - Scott Disbennett

szalaypeti said on Jan. 28 '09

2critic: It's my own creation. Sorry, but I can't find anything about this company, and logo,in any kind of finder on the net. I never heard about this enterprise...

fishinapond said on Jan. 28 '09


tanyildiz said on Jan. 29 '09

excellent job!

elisteli said on Jan. 29 '09

clever one!!

onesummer said on Jan. 29 '09

classy and clever!

vijkmr said on Jan. 29 '09

Gud one... i like it.. :)

miss godbout said on Jan. 31 '09

this is perfect

kiritpatel said on Feb. 01 '09

well done

ernie said on Feb. 02 '09

too Elegant with a simple letter. ... Congrat,!

morvarid said on Feb. 04 '09

really cool, bravo!

samuelreis said on Feb. 06 '09

gr8 job!!!!

perfect idea

dani_janev said on Feb. 16 '09

clever design

szalaypeti said on Feb. 16 '09

Thanks the comments! I'm very glad if you like it

agiesick said on Feb. 16 '09

I am going to reiterate what everyone else has already said. Very Nice!

vieuxlache said on Apr. 01 '09

Ooh.. simple, nice and elegant. I like! :)

tao said on Apr. 03 '09

Thats nice! Less is more.

ixwa said on Apr. 08 '09

Reminds me of the http://www.flickr.com/photos/27038899@N05/2716833832/">Roger Federer logo. But it's nevertheless a beautiful design.

andreiu said on Jun. 19 '09

got one word: elegant!

cseven said on Jun. 19 '09

Clever, elegant, beautiful. Floated and fav'd.

gjrdesign said on Jul. 01 '09

Very cool!

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