by Sandhya • Uploaded: Oct. 20 '08
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Description: Unused Concept for a night club up on incspring for sale.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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logomotive said on Oct. 20 '08

Nice,Got it instantly so works for me.

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

hey thanks :) i was inspired by Fogra's http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/42586

Type08 said on Oct. 20 '08

This is gooooodd....

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

thanks type08! one of those light bulb moments :)

firebrand said on Oct. 20 '08

Going up!

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

glad it is :)

fogra said on Oct. 20 '08

Very uplifting!....sorry

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

thanks... what's the sorry for? :-S

fogra said on Oct. 20 '08

My very corny pun.

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

rofl! gotcha!

firebrand said on Oct. 20 '08

Yea that was a bargain basement comment, fogra. Ooops.

gthobbs said on Oct. 20 '08

This pushes all the right buttons.

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

thank you gthobbs :)

nido said on Oct. 20 '08


fogra said on Oct. 20 '08

It has its ups and downs.

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

:) you'll are entertaining!

nataliav said on Oct. 20 '08

good concept and great execution:)

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

Thank you Natalie!

Unit B said on Oct. 20 '08

While not in love with the typeface, it works with the arrows so well that I'm OK with it now. Strong concept, and I'm really digging the one-color work lately.

blackindextip said on Oct. 20 '08


dikkers said on Oct. 20 '08

very cool, is the used concept on here somewhere? Hard to imagine it beating that one!

sandhya said on Oct. 20 '08

Good question....You won't find any other concept cos this is the one and only one. its up on incspring for sale :)

thanks for all your feedback.

yurko said on Oct. 20 '08

good concept

davidairey said on Oct. 21 '08

Floated and added to favourites. Great job, Sandhya.

sandhya said on Oct. 21 '08

Wow! I feel thrilled :) Thanks Yurko and David.

OcularInk said on Oct. 21 '08

Nice job, Sandhya. Definitely floated!

penflare said on Oct. 21 '08

yes one of my favorite logos, looks like i'm a little late, it should sell no problem at incspring

sandhya said on Oct. 21 '08

All your comments have lifted my spirits now. hahaha! I've been bitten by the corny bug!

Mouvedia said on Oct. 21 '08

there's a problem with the kerning

sandhya said on Oct. 21 '08

thanks, I think i fixed it :)

teight said on Oct. 21 '08

I look up to your logo skills

sandhya said on Oct. 21 '08

thanks t8, that means a lot!

itsgareth said on Oct. 21 '08

down it! love this one congrats

firebrand said on Oct. 21 '08

Poor Sandhya, her feet haven't touched the ground since she posted this.

nido said on Oct. 21 '08

it wasn't me!

sandhya said on Oct. 21 '08

thanks itsgareth!

you are right firebrand!

pting! now who was that ? heheheh :)

sandhya said on Oct. 21 '08

Tonfue, I will look into it....was focusing more on centering all of them as a whole. Good catch though!

I don't think you want to take that chance with that dart board hehehehe!

AxPx said on Oct. 22 '08

Looks pretty cool, I dunno if you need to center the gap in Night Club because the type as a whole centered works fine, I think.

sandhya said on Oct. 23 '08

Hey all, I tweaked the positioning some, esp. the second line. i think this should work cos it looks centered overall.

@AxPx thanks for your input.

JohnM said on Aug. 27 '09

Love it! one heck of a logo! think guys have exhausted all the Puns and PJs already... so Just floated and faved here :)

SANDHYA said on Aug. 27 '09

Thanks JohnM! :)

JoePrince said on Feb. 26 '10

Really like this one. Sweet work!

sandhya said on Feb. 26 '10

thanks JoePrince - it's one of my favorites too :)

milou said on Oct. 18 '10


sandhya said on Oct. 18 '10

thanks sreenivaspsr and milou!

rvlt said on Nov. 04 '10

Great job, do you try a version with the down arrow fill, and the top empty? It could work too.

sandhya said on Nov. 05 '10

that would work too - but this balances it out more. thanks though!

dylancarias said on Jan. 14 '14

Hello sandhya, this is a great design..... I was just wondering if you tried swaping the up and down arrow or making both of them pure white, cause when the first time I looked at it, the first that pop was the arrow pointing up and I thought it was an A..... but great job though.

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